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Fighting Gamers / Re: Brawler? Who's your main!?
« on: December 26, 2008, 06:15:25 pm »
I was about to say that.

Fighting Gamers / Re: Brawler? Who's your main!?
« on: December 24, 2008, 11:03:41 pm »
pfft... Snake and his slidey poppy bangy glitch thing.

You mean the mortar slide?  Something tells me you're not going to like the following characters: Dedede, Pit, Pikachu, Link, Falco, Olimar, Lucario, and Wario.

Fighting Gamers / Re: Brawler? Who's your main!?
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:53:37 am »
well good sir, i just happen to love wolf players.  see you thursday, i play snake.

Fighting Gamers / Re: Tulsa - Thursday Game Nights - SC / SSB / yea
« on: December 24, 2008, 12:36:02 am »
If all things go well, then you'll have a hand full of new faces at the next meeting! I know myself and another guys from TU are pretty good, and a close friend and his girlfriend are decent too. Christmas Brawl!

Alittle unrelated but... I have a good hand full of friends that are decent too, just not apart of any community! My brother works at the Tulsa World, and I can getcha some deals as far as spreading the word.

I can't wait.  My friends at TU told me otherwise about the competition at that university.

new brawl people i might need to try to show up for awhile i need some new comp

Aw, did you get tired of the competition you already have?  If you miss it, ill tell you my opinions on the new competition.  Personally, I cant wait cause everybody that I have met so far is somewhat good.

hm, anybody wanna play anytime sooner than that?

is there anything going down here this week in terms of smashfests?  There are a few peopel id like to play while im here.

Probably better, Nobody from norman/okc/edmond are coming to my knowledge

can't find any appropriate place to put this so ill mention it here.

The Ok power rankings (according to the boards), has changed a bit since the last Tulsa monthly.  I have yet to actually beat Kos-mos at a tournament which explains why im still where I am.

You all should come up to norman sometime and play with us.  Personally, it doesn't matter to me where i am and would let anybody here take that spot if i had the choice.

er I meant riding on the pre regs?

is this whole smash tournament riding on equipemnt?

when you mentioned the main part I imagined the whole brew ha ha you started on the boards.

I thought I'd update your list based on who people used based on who i saw.

1: typ ex (falco/snake)
2: Le Thien (diddy kong/luigiy/kirby/somebody else)
3: ChuckNasty (Pokemon trainer/Meta Knight/Mr. Game and Watch)
4: Bwamp (Rob/Olimar/Meta Knight/Bowser)
5: Fro (Snake)
5: Lionheart (Captain Falcon)
7: ReaperFan
7: GMo (Falco/ Donkey Kong)
9: 999%
9: SarsPirate (Snake/Marth)
9: Zax Yo (Lucario)
9: FK (Zero Suit Samus)
13: Hugs (Ness/Dedede)
13: Zesh
13: Kpeezy (Marth)
13: Eman
17: secretcraznman
17: Dosha
17: darkwraith (Wolf?)
17: Omar
17: Cheese
17: Bees
17: w0ntoan
17: Oni
25: DarkSora
25: Nintendo1991
25: Mulligan

Tourney finishes for the ones I can remember

1st: Typ EX
2nd: Le Thien
3rd: Chuck Nasty
4th: Bwamp

Everybody else I forgot, I want to say my brother got 5th?

And Josh - I'm right there with you.  I'm a washed up X player.  Course, I don't have a SC3 player claiming he's the best in a SC4 world, or people complaining about my main when their own crew sports that main with no complaining...  But I'm startin to feel ya anyway ;)  Oh well, what can ya do.

That was so long ago and in all fairness.  You started that.

I know I wouldn't get cross over it, and I get podium finishes in brawl everytime.  If somebody thinks they're good, they're more than welcome to have a go against the gamers here.  Isn't that what okgamers is all about? gamers meeting other gamers?

Sure.  Main thing is that I don't want to get a big speech from a mod.

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