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When -
Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Signup - 8-8:45pm

Tournaments start at 9pm

Where -
7309 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa, OK 74133

Cost -
Pay as you play.  2 tokens a game.

Double elimination tournament.  

Each game is 3 out of 5 rounds, 1 match.  Semi-finals and Finals will be 2 out of 3 matches.

Funhouse currently has 2 machines to practice on, and good luck!


Tournament Archived!

To read Results and reviews / click here -

Pictures - coming soon

Video Documentary - coming soon.

Old information - below.


When -
August 5th, 2006  [This date is now confirmed.]

Signup - 6-6:45pm - in person [All online pre-registration must still verify they've shown up]

Tournaments start at 7pm

Where -
Funhouse at the Riverwalk
500 Riverwalk Terrace, Suite 100

Cost -
6$ pre-registration
8$ at the door

Format - 2 tournaments
 - A double elimination tournament, based on score.  Pool play; so the top half scoring players advance, the second half proceed into the losers pool.  Songs will progress in difficulty, starting out with hard in the first few matches winners pool, and Expert in the final few matches.

Once the pools only have one in the winners pool, and one in the losers, both will compete on expert in the finals bracket.


- Showmanship Tournament.  This is single elimination, one song play.  When you sign up, you will be asked if you wish to compete in this one.  It will run side by side with the double elim tournament, and there will be separate prizes.  

The Showmanship award will go to the player that rocks the hardest flair, keeps the music going on any given setting and shows his skills by keeping his fingers moving, all while looking cool.  Judging will be done, and swayed by crowd response.  Scoring on flair, accuracy / notes hit, and appearance will determine the winner of this tournament.  You can bring your own guitar.  You can bring your own flair.  You get to choose the song and difficulty...

..But will you rock?

Yes - you can sign up for one or the other, and not play in both.

Notes and upcoming information

Pre-registering -
How do you pre-register?  Simply sign up here [takes just a minute], post a new comment on this thread stating your coming, along with your first and last name, or your online handle - which will be used for identification at the tournament sign up.

EVEN IF YOU PRE-REGISTER you MUST show up during sign up time to verify and take care of your fee.

Double Elimination Details -
This tournament will have at least 5 to 7 songs chosen from a pool of 8 or so songs picked to be played on hard, and 2 songs choosen to be played on expert.

2 of those songs will be announced soon.  4 more will be time released over the course of the 4 weeks prior to the tournament, one a week.  

2 songs [**All songs listed in grouping order - these are from the first 30, we will not be using any bonus songs this time around]

Songs choosen to be used []'s indicate placement group and song, on the song list

1. Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie [1,3]
2. Iron Man - Black Sabbath [2,1]

3. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand [2,4]

4. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top [2,5]

5. Hey You - The Exies [3,2]

6. Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers [5,2]


Check out 'Layout' and 'what should I bring' below.

Also, will be shooting, so come out and be part of the event!


WHY HAVE 2 tournaments?

Having a "Style competition" or the Showmanship award brings together both aspects of the game to this event - for people awesome at the game, they have the normal score based tournament.  For people that dress up and look like a rock star, or just have that onstage charm - but not necessarily hitting all the notes on expert?  The Showmanship tournament lets you shine.  

So?  Show up in your best rocking outfit, and wow the crowd for a showmanship [email protected]!#

We are currently seeking official Red Octane sponsorship for this tournament.  More coming soon.

Layout -
The setup for the tournament at Funhouse will allow for maximum efficiency.  

What should / could you bring?  Beyond your entry fee, we encourage you to bring your own guitar, and your own set of headphones.

Guitars will be there, but bringing your own guitars is encouraged, as the more controllers there are / won't have to be shared, the quicker the tournament will move.

The Showmanship machine will be setup to maximize 'performance' and audience appeal.  It will be set up differently - with the sound actually playing out from the machine.  The Double Elim tournament, or the normal tournament is currently set to have 3 other machines running, with headphones and jacks so you can hear your music, but not everyone else’s.

Practice up, and get your costumes ready, you've got till August!


Details are coming in - but on Saturday at Minicon they are saying -

Saturday, June 3rd starting at 10am, Minicon opens - there will be -

Naruto - 3 tournaments, 12pm / 2pm / 4pm

Halo 2 - 3 tournaments, 11am, 1pm, 3pm

Soul Calibur 3 - 3 tournaments, 11am, 1pm, 3pm

A DDR tournament - one big one, happening sometime during the afternoon, with the finals being at 8pm


Super Smash Brothers Melee - 1pm in the afternoon


Time and how many are happening are tentative - but this looks to be accurate, so make sure you come out and play!

for more on Minicon times check out -


Hello, and welcome to the Local Players forum.

Are you looking for players of your game?  Teammates, opponents, whatever - that's what this forum is good for!

Events, tournaments - they are great and all - but what happens once it's over?  How do you get better, how do you find out if you've gotten any better - the list goes on...

Every gamer needs to find players to play against.  You get better.  You've got people to organize tournaments with, or know who might want to carpool to that next Texas event.  Etc, etc.

In that spirit, the Local Players forum is just for that - having a place to find your game, or put up your thread about where you can go and organize, discuss, talk things over, and generally chat and plan with your local comp before you go over to someones house to play, or meet up at that local arcade or event for your game!  

Not finding your game?  Need to post a new thread?
First - Use the search feature, and see if you missed it.
Second - if you don't find anything - post a new thread...

The way we suggest you format your thread title?  
Well much like the tournament section, we HIGHLY suggest you use the format of

(City your in) - (Game or games being played)

So - examples might be -

Broken Arrow - DnD players
Tulsa - Soul Calibur players (not that there are more than 3 ;))
OKC - Computer LAN?
Norman - Axis & Allies group?

etc, etc.


Why?  If you don't at least include in your thread title where you are, and what your interseted in, some people will never even read your thread.

Make your thread useful, put the important where and what info in the thread title, and find more gamers!


Thread Archives / Guitar Hero Tournament in Tulsa?
« on: May 22, 2006, 03:37:56 am »
So - we are thinking about having a Guitar Hero tournament.

Should we?  Would you come?  Would you help spread the word?

All this matters to us - so let us know!

Right now, details are sketchy, but we'll add in more details shortly.  What's been kicked around as the plan so far -

Having the tournament in July - mid July probably.

Having it probably at Funhouse, at their new location in July that they'll be moving in.

Having it be double elimination - probably one song, level decided by round - round one - easy songs, round 2, next up, so on so forth.

Probably doing advanced signup on the forums.

Having a Style Tournament round as well - so show up in your best rocking outfit, and wow the crowd for a showmanship [email protected]!#

Details as we know more - but let us know what you think!  Also, any suggestions on rules / preferred prizes will be appreciated.


Welcome to the Tournaments & Events forum for gamers in the Oklahoma area!  Let's cover a few quick frequently asked questions:

Yes - it's totally free to post on the site about your gamer related event (Games as in Console, PC/LAN, Collectible Card Games and RPG / Tabletop gaming).
Yes - this site is E for Everyone.
Yes - Gamers, Businesses, and Event Coordinators posting events are covered by our "NO FLAMING/RANKING" rule - we do our best to provide a safe forum for you to place your content.
Yes - The Tournaments & Events forum uses a "form" to submit Events into the forum.

BEFORE YOU POST: you MUST fill out every required field (noted by the *'s) on the form.  These are required content to post on OKgamers - simple things like at least one gaming title, a location, etc.  DO NOT POST TBA / OR AVOID THE FIELD BY ENTERING SIMILAR CONTENT, WE WILL MOVE IT TO THE "PLANNING/HYPE FORUM" where unfinished events can be placed.

 - What this Section is NOT
 - Intro and WHO IS POSTING - Anyone with a gamer related event
 - How to Post your Event - Details
 - PRO TIPS: What should I include in my event?
 - EDITING YOUR EVENT: Should you need to / choose to
 - Tips on getting the word out about your tournament [[Flyer location suggestions here]]
 - RSS feed for this forum
 - Finale, Why to use on a Flyer

If your tournament isn't fully put together, or you don't have a date or specific's locked down yet, maybe your looking for feedback / interest first - please post that in the Tournament Planning and Hype forum.  If your looking to have general chat, find more information out on a gaming community, or so forth - please visit those sections.

If your looking for competition - check out the Local Competition section

This is a LOCAL based site - Oklahoma area.  Want another state?  Check with the NVGA Online, the National Video Game Association.

Know of or POSTING an Online event
 - If it's for Oklahoma residents only, then post it in the proper Local Competition forum (There's FPS, Fighting, Tabletop and then general). 
 - If it's not OK focused, for now, please post it in the Chat forum.

The most important forum on the site would be over-ran, and be useless.  There are plenty of Online Tournament Solutions, just google your favorite games, etc.  This site is for OK area focused events, aka IRL.  :D


Intro -

WHO IS POSTING - Anyone with a gamer related event is Oklahoma's only gamer focused resource for keeping everyone up to date about what's going on in the Oklahoma area.  Where do you find that - the core of the site, the Tournaments & Events forum, it serves all forms of gamer related events and tournaments in the Oklahoma area.

 - if you have a a card game tournament, console based game tournament, a tabletop tournament - whatever GAMER related, it can go here. 
(Why all together?  Gamers are LAZY!  Quick easy titles mean fast skimming, so you can review what's going on; all together so you can let your other gamer friends know too.  We know you know plenty of types of gamers, so we keep everything together, to help with networking!)

- Got a gaming match coming up - and want to publicize it?
 - You hosting the next big multi-day event, and want people to know about it?
 - Want to know when the next Magic the Gathering tournament is in your area?
 - Know a friend hosting a smash tournament?

Pretty much any Event or Tournament having to do with gamer interests in the Oklahoma area - goes in the "T and E" forum.

Anyone can post an event not already posted.  However, all info needs to be present.
In order to post in THIS forum - YOU MUST HAVE a set date, a confirmed location, and at least one game - before posting in this forum.  PLEASE DO NOT POST half planned, or vague threads.  Only finalized tournaments and events are allowed to be posted here, thanks!  See "what to include" to get more details on some suggested content.

NEW VENUE?  Not on a map?
We may have a local supporter or TO confirm your venue.  If we find it's not real, we put it in Planning and Hype.  PLEASE only post REAL EVENTS - that are fully planed out!

How to Post your Event - Details

While we've covered the basics, we'd like to get into details.

Name of Your Event - while straight forwards, we do include a "Name, Games Initials" point for the very familiar point by now - gamers are lazy.  Throwing a convention?  Got a "name for your event" - that's great.  But if you don't also include after it some of the prime games you have at the event - people may never read it.  Period.  Also, never assume your title is "suggestive" - just go ahead and put in some initials for your game.   If you were throwing a Sci-Fi convention, you'd want to fill out the field like:


For Halo, Call of Duty, and Super Street Fighter.

Of course, later you'll put in the game list, and the details about this game?  However, without teasing it in the title of your event, you may never even get readers to that point.  Help them read your thread, "tease" your major game titles being played, supported or provided.

Date your Event Occurs - Straight forwards, and we ask you to use the Month/Day/Year format - so 02/22/12, etc.  It's important to do that to keep things easy to read, etc...

Is your event WEEKLY or MONTHLY?
We do NOT want you to have to come back and post every week or month! (If you wish to, that's fine, but we do not require any sort of thing!)  SO, simply sub out the date area for frequency.  So your event title might look like:

Tulsa - Super Smash Bros Monthlies - Monthly
Norman - DnD casuals on Tuesdays - Weekly
OKC - Quake LAN gatherings - Fridays

etc.  Simply work in the frequency at the end, and feel free to put in the day of the week if applicable.

City - straight forwards, but MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS.

Name of Venue or Location - If you are doing it at a college, name that college.  If you are doing it at your house, you could simply state your name and house - like "Jimmy's House", etc.  (Keep in mind this IS THE INTERNET, and we do not encourage people to disclose personal information like your home address!  However, if it's going into the T&E forum, we need the info - consider creating a thread in the Local Players forum if you are just wanting to network with your friends, or find other players of your game.)

Venue Address - INCLUDE FULL STREET ADDRESS, ZIPCODE - Google Maps will do the rest. 

ONCE YOU POST YOUR EVENT - check the thread to make sure the info posted correctly, and that the MAP IS POINTING TO YOUR ACTUAL VENUE.

If you put in a street address and zipcode, you should be fine - if you have problems, simply contact us via our Contact Form on the main site.

Start Time - important so gamers know when to show up - if you have a sign up time, or some reason to be there earlier?  Post that here - aka, post your earliest reason to be there, here.  Post your full time schedule under Event Description.

Games to be played - ULTRA IMPORTANT - do not ASSUME people know what games you'll have at your event.  LIST THEM OUT FULLY, please.

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs - ANY and all fees associated with your event?  NEED to be covered in this box.  It's simple - sure.  However, if you do not fully educate a gamer on cost, it will affect your attendance next time around.  Please, get it right - post your details.

A word on entry fees - it's very important to warn people upfront if there is a location, and/or entry fee.  Be upfront, as you don't want someone traveling on a tight budget to get to your event only to find out they can't attend due to some unmentioned expense.

Event Description - whatever your write up is about your event?  Goes here.  Everything about it!!

Additional Details on your Event - a friendly reminder - to be thorough.  You can post all your content into the first box and leave this one empty, just know - if you leave anything out that a gamer might want to know, they might not ask you about it...  They simply may just skip the event.  Be informative, it's the internet, no one is charging you for space.


PRO TIPS: What should I include in my thread?


Never dealt with gamers?  Let's not beat around the bush - when you go to make a thread be thinking about the fact some people will have NO IDEA what's going on beyond what you've said.  They may be barely paying attention.  They've read your title, are interested, now you just need to get them the info they want, and get them in the know.
(KEEP IN MIND - if your title didn't include what GAME you are involved in, your interest / click through will be LOWERED DRAMATICALLY, please, try and include at least one game / gaming type.)

Here are our suggestions to filling out that "Event Description" box the right way:

A quick intro - a good idea just to get side items out of the way, and announce anything they might really be wanting to know right then, like mention the prize, or the format of the tournament, so on so forth.  Get to the point right off the bat however, and remember if people are printing this – they want all the MOST important info right up at the top, so they can get it and not all the random posts that may follow.

Location Details - You've given them the street address and now a Google Maps - give them any additional hints or tips they should know.  Also, consider adding in the phone number to the actual establishment if possible.

Rules and extra points - rules are important, and the way you'll handle the game, the brackets, and anything else that might come into play should be included.  Just being upfront and in the know also makes a event more likely to draw people to come out and play.  And, if you have any events or anything else associated with the tournament, that would be a good time to tell them.

**IMPORTANT - the calendar does not automatically add your event.  Once you post your event, go to the bottom of the thread, and click 'link to calendar'.  This will give you the ability to put the info about your event on our calendar.  If you realize you made any mistakes, you click the red star next to the calendar event to edit it.

A SERIOUS PRO TIP from a long time Event Coordinator and Promoter:
Include as much detail as you can IN YOUR FIRST POST, even if that means going back and editing often.

Sure, we have no problem with you simply linking to your thread or other website etc in the "Description"...

...however your website content won't show up on a search of this site.  It won't be in the RSS feeds that go out.  It won't be "skimable" by the fast reading, and often fickle gamers that exist ;) 

Please, post as much content to clarify as you can, even if that is just a copy and paste of your own website, etc.

Gamers OFTEN will not post a question (as sad as that is); they'll just move on and perhaps never consider your event.  Cover all the content you can in your event post, and your that much closer to great attendance!!

EDITING YOUR EVENT: Should you need to / choose to go back and edit your thread
**Anything posted in this forum goes on EVERY page on the main site***.
This is why we use our form to create the title - please do not try and go around that system - fill out each field as it requests.  The form takes info and creates your thread title in a clear easy to read format

NOTE:  Once you post, your content goes LIVE.  If you need to edit your thread afterwards, you'll affect the "Google Map" placement; make sure you take time to delete the "< div >" code out from around it, else it will show up in your post; sorry for this inconvenience!

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR TITLE - however, if you do PLEASE INCLUDE THE DASHES - it helps for legibility :)

MAKE AN IMPORTANT CONTENT EDIT - post to your own thread to "bump it" so that gamers know!


What can I do to help my cause beyond this site?

Well first off - PLEASE DO NOT POST AND FORGET THE THREAD - you may have questions, people needing additional details, or asking to promote it in their stores, etc.  Make sure "Attachments and other options" below your type box?  Is opened up, and "Notify me of replies" is  checked, with your OKgamers Forum account having a GOOD EMAIL.  When you get a response - it'll let you know, the first time.  Return to the forums, and then the email cycle repeats - no spamming of email that way!

...seriously Event Coordinators and Businesses - keep tabs on your thread, it'll pay off!

Our number one result producer with getting people to the events, beyond word of mouth, has been the website and creating flyers to work hand in hand with other efforts.  The WHOLE reason got started was flyers couldn't say it all, rules sometimes need to be changed [especially on brand new games], and printing out flyers only to have them not know everything, is useless.

Print flyers.  Point them to a website.  Have it all there.  Spread flyers out like mad.

It's a simple formula, but the truth is in the results.  From a handful of people to hundreds of people - the events get additional turn out by these fliers too.   

When making that flyer - space is PRECIOUS - so please consider using OKgamers as your website!    As mentioned before, any current event thread is spread across the main site, and Google loves OKgamers :)  So, consider pointing people towards OKgamers for your more info, and feel free to use resources from our Media section on the main site!

(What's a 'current event thread' - any thread that has been created or posted to in the last 14 days - aka, if you post it 2+ weeks out, don't feel bad about "bumping" your thread with the occasional in thread update post, etc.)

Get the flyer together.  Make it eye catching and simple.  Get them interested through a graphic associated with their game then leave the details to the site.  More and more the homepage will be focused on getting people STRAIGHT to the forums.  So rest assured, they'll get to if you let them know it exists.  Use the site, that's why it's here, that's it's main purpose of helping to spread the word and being one big source of info for people to find out about gaming events, and become more in the know.  Keeping to only the essentials on the flyer - the event, the date, perhaps the contact info and then the url keeps it easy to read - and MOST IMPORTANT - not overwhelming.  The more content we've seen on a flyer, the more likely gamers simply put the flyer back down.  Get them interested with base info - and they'll keep it to find out more online later.  You start getting into tournament rules on the flyer?  It becomes confusing, and you lose your message and viewer.

What to do with the flyers once you've made them?  Get them to your employees, friends, fellow gamers and everyone that's interested in your cause / tournament and have them go to places they frequent and see if they can leave flyers.  Reasor's and other grocery stores, Vintage Stock, and other locally owned video game / rental stores are a great place to start.  Your school.  Your work.  Your families business or a friends.  ANYWHERE THAT LETS YOU HANG FLYERS and that you yourself, or those like you would go to is basically the answer.  Be nice, ask if you can put up a flyer, and have your friends or yourself check back and make sure the flyers are still up.  500 flyers usually do nicely for about a couple of weeks worth of promotion.  You could even do a half page design, and have 1000 flyers which really would give you some exposure.  Just make sure to be creative, and hand those flyers out with at least a few weeks before your event, and you'll get response.

Places I've found to put flyers

We find putting a list on here now - is useless.  Things change, etc.  Review the Planning and Hype forum, you may find newer resources.  Business Owners that have been "Verified" or noticed by Mods will have that status - which allows you to see a Business Owners Resource forum - check there as well!

Make sure you work with other websites as well linking around and such - provides you a place to put the info now with a easy to remember URL - that url and the forums being the focus, get people right to the info.  But don't stop there - post about it on your blog.  Mention it to friends on their sites.  Use your myspace or livejournal account.  Spam your friends :)  Seriously just review where you go think if you can post about that tournament and do so.

Another big thing - keep diligent to answering questions that come in on the sites you post your info.  Just like the flyers, once you put up the info, you can't just leave it alone.  Flyers get torn down and taken.  Websites - have questions and people wanting to know more.  Keep up with any questions, and you'll be fine.


RSS Feed for the Tournaments and Events forum

Do you use Windows 7 (Vista and 7 sidebars have a RSS reader + OKgamers = up to date!)
Use google reader?
Have another RSS solution?  Then plug in OKgamers RSS feed to know WHEN and WHAT is going on in Oklahoma!;sa=news;board=4;limit=10;type=rss

(MORE RSS / XML feeds on the front page!!)

If you need rss2 - simply put a 2 at the end. 
If you need XML - then remove the ";type=rss" off the end.
If you need more than 10 posts - replace the 10 with the correct number you would like
If you need the POSTS and not the THREADS (Aka, this takes you to the currently talked on thread, first post.  If you want to go to the most recent post on that thread...) - replace 'news' with 'recent'

Pretty straight forwards, and I know I heart it!  KEEP IN THE KNOW - USE THE [email protected]:)


And finally - thank you for helping the cause.  Just by posting your information - you are providing more content into the OKgamers resource for Google to find us both - and for new gamers to get excited about.  It seems so simple - but to many?  It means a WHOLE lot.

If you want to help the "Cause" of gaming in the Oklahoma area more, please promote us by putting on your flyer, or using your new thread on OKgamers as your link on Facebook, the local calendars, and where ever else you post your info and want to "link back" to something for more or current details.   You never know for sure where flyers will end up, and how search engines like Google will index your info.  6 months after you threw your first tournament, and now your looking to throw another?  You will have people already waiting for it simply because you used to put your info up.  We've already seen this effect in practice, and with every day we find new google and search engine terms that point directly to

We've got a GREAT site here - but Google can only link to content that EXISTS - help us centralize info by posting your event here!

Why use "OKgamers" as your Flyer URL? is an easy to remember url, and a central place which is all you need when it comes to gathering info and making life easier for gamers in Oklahoma.  The only thing that stops events from being fun, or from dying out is often the attendance numbers.  The more people that know about the site, and post information the more the word will get out with people using it, wanting more events and having others to know about their events.  So I ask you to please use to further your cause and ours.  Let's continue to get the word out and having more tournaments, and bigger events in Oklahoma that people actually know about.  Posting your content may seem small, but TRUST US, every event helps, and shows gamers that there's A LOT going on for them in Oklahoma!

Want to help more?  We've got resources for how a student, a gamer, and businesses can help out even more - just check it out!

Questions?  Please post them here, so we can use them as a resource for others that might ask the same question!!


That's right.  We be playin smash.

May 13th we'll be having a Super Smash Bro's [for the n64] tournament!  Well, actually tournaments...

Saturday, starting at 9pm, and 10:30pm** [tentative] we'll be having a 1 on 1 tournament, and a Team Tournament in Smash going on.  This will be your chance to dust off your old copy, or if your like many show off the skills you still keep honed.  

Date -

Saturday, May 13th.
Sign up starts at 8pm, ends at 8:50pm.  Tournaments** start at 9pm, and then after that.

Location -

7309 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74133

Cost -

5$ entry fee - Which gets you entry to any tournaments we have that night, & receive a free pizza or 40 tokens to play any of Funhouse's many games - from DDR to Soul Calibur 3 [coming soon/should be there] to ticket games and more!

Rules -

Both tournaments** will be double elimination.  This means you lose once, your into a losers bracket.  You lose again, your out.  Winners and Losers brackets battle it out, then the last man standing in Losers advances to take on the undefeated opponent from the winners bracket.

3 man stock will be the settings.  This means you have 3 lives before you die.  In team tournament, 'stealing your partners life' is allowed; it's suggested to have that worked out with your teammate prior whether you want to or not.

BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER(s).  Why?  Because the supplied controllers will be limited, and AS IS.  So - we'll not have any complaining of 'ohh, this controller sucks'.  You can bring your own, or borrow from a friend or organizer.

** ='s In the event we have over 30+ people show for this event, we may need to scale the tournaments down to one tournament.  Whether we have a 1v1 tournament, or the team tournament should this occur will be decided by player votes.  

If everything goes well / we have enough setups - we'll have the 1v1 tournament first, and then the Team Tournament right after that, unless players wish to have the Team Tournament first due to time constraints.


Early Team Registration

To help get an idea of who all will be there, as well as keep an organized event, Teams may register who they are, and what their 'team handle' will be here on this thread.  Simply sign up for the forum [takes 1 minute], then post your names, and team handle.  This is encouraged, so please try and figure this out, and post early.


Don't have a teammate?  Not sure if they'll show up anyway?  Trust me, your not alone.  Teams can be formed on the spot - so don't be discouraged, show up and you'll have a good time.

Spread the word!


Sup.  After regionals, we'll still be able to have tournaments, I just have not set any times or dates.  So, I thought I'd put it out there for others to weigh in.

First off - guidelines we are limited to by facility, aka Funhouse:

Date and times -

Weekdays - Wednesday, Thursday - we could have a tournament just about any time of day.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - always after 8 or 9pm.  This is because we use their party area, and that's the earliest they clear out.

Cost -

As a venue cost, they are happy with the 'be charged 5$, get 10$ worth of tokens" set up.  So - that would be a constant.


We could look at other venues - but I believe bang for the buck this is the best we'll find.  Also - they are a great establishment, and where better to play games than an arcade?

So, late April, May, June, late July?  These are all areas of time where I could see having more tournaments.  Are Saturday evenings working out for everyone?  If there was a big enough movement for it, we could do Thursday at 6 or 7, to keep it from running so late into the evening, however that affects whether alot of people can make it - and anyone that travels - we'd effectively cut them out on being able to come by having a midweek tournament.

Also - money.  People have talked about prizes.  Cash is often what they want, but is that just a small minority?  For me, I see raising it above 5$ as a bad idea, as it would start to deter people.  We might be able to have a smaller cash tournament run at the same time, or a different date from the normal ones however too - if interest is seriously strong.

So - dates anyone have any good suggestions?  Times - 9pm still alright?  Cost - raise it, or just keep it where it's at?


Thread Archives / Would you attend? - Smash 64 Tournament in Tulsa....
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So.  I've got some serious hardcore Smash 64 players all on my grill about having a serious tournament.  They've seen the flyers for the SC events, and want me to have one for the game they love.  I gotta say - I'm interested.

Smash 64 could have individual and team tournys, and we could seriously have some fun with that.  I'd love to do a single and 2 man team tourny.  But - would there be interest?  Would you show up?

Points of interest -

It'd be in the next few months.  Probably Junish?  [People - those that are really hardcore and great players - would be coming in from out of town / school, we'd want to have it when they'd be here.  Awaiting time on that.]

It'd probably be at Funhouse.  So - either 71st and Memorial, or the Riverwalk, depending on when we have it / if Funhouse as moved.

There'd be at least a 5$ fee - which you'd get back via 10$ in tokens to play other FH games, or 5$ in food that I know of.

It would DEFINITELY be Bring Your Own Controller - as I don't want to hear the belly aching.

We'd need a few setups / some people to bring consoles and games.  However, we'd be able to offer those people who's hardware we actually use fee waivers as a result.

It would seriously be fun.

Anyway - spread the word - get me some feed back - let me know.


So - as I've hopefully made clear in a earlier thread, the last thing I want to do is start some competition between main game sites and - I want to be a resource to get first time game surfers there - and hooked up into the appropriate communities.  Also - having a central place to say 'yea go here' when you run into a Oklahoma based gamer with multiple interests - would be a good thing.  Blah blah blah.

Anyway - but first off - we'll need feedback and notes from the people of the communities.  Something that seems to have been moving very slowly lately... So - I've gone to Shoryuken and TZ and started asking questions.  Also - I've gone to [a site I found only AFTER creating this one ugh] and started the process of finding out what's up there - what they do, and making sure isn't trying to move in on their territory / so on so forth.  So - happy reading / and please discuss concerns / other thoughts on this thread if you would.

[DEFINITELY please read the thread, as I've started to really see where can help out best I think, and that vision is kinda in there]  [may need to scroll down bout half way down page]


A big goal I have is getting people not only together here, but also well educated once they leave on where they can hang out for game specific information.

Soul Calibur?

Tekken? [spelling could be off, I'm feeling lazy lol]

Street Fighter? [spelling again lol]

And so on, and so forth.  Communities of gamers already know where to go.  What about new competition?  They have no clue about these websites, and what if they stumble on OKGamers first?  So.  I want to create a resource for anyone that's interested in getting into the online communities, and I want to have solid info and links if at all possible.

So - that's where you come in.  What games can we list off, and along with them, what websites should we point to?  For Soul Calibur - I know.  But what of the 2d games, and the non-fighters like Halo and DDR?

Please help the site out with this info, and we'll build that page accordingly.


That's right!  We have a regionals location for the Soul Calibur 3 Nationals.  

For now - read up on it here -

Comment [email protected]#!


Tournament & Event Archives / Soul Calibur 3 - Tulsa Tourny - 3-18-06
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It's coming [email protected]#  YOU'VE BEEN [email protected]@

Instead of copy and pasting and having to reformat and all - jus check the page -

Comment here!#@


Thread Archives / FORUM STRUCTURE - your thoughts here...
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Sup.  Pardon the mess and all, just got the forums up - so work will be happening on it later.

So - I wanted to get some feedback from the users of said forums - on how the forums should be!

My goals -

Not to try and replace places like and and so forth - but to provide a central place with the theme of - whatever we play, we all play it in OK.  To promote more cross-gaming platforms so that our tournaments can be bigger, and our players happier, and drawing more from different area's.  To promote general communication in the gaming arena.

To have sections to allow for gamers to come in, chat about whatever, find local competition, and find local tournaments.  Also - I want to have a area especially for sponsors / people that help out with the tournaments, like Game Crazy is currently doing.  That way - they can show off their current specials, things like that.

My concerns -

Of course, creating too many forums - too easy to do heh.  Gotta keep em focused down to just what is needed.

Really serving the users.  I come to the point where I'd make 'touraments' - but should it be just one big mash?  Or should it focus down to cities?  Or - should it focus on game types?  Same thing with competition searches.  Area based?  City based?  Game based?  What is going to be best?

That's really where I'm struggling right now, and would like to know your thoughts.  What would you think is better / what have you perhaps seen work?  

I WANT fo focus on bringing info into one place where it's easy to use.  I want to be able to serve the fighting game types, and the halo types, so on so forth.  So - how does one format that?


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