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EVENT OVER - go here for aftermath, etc:,2649.msg33240.html#msg33240

-- OLD INFO --

Tulsa, then OKC info:

-- and the Tulsa Best Buy 71st and Hwy 169 (store 221) team up to promote the AWESOMENESS THAT IS -

Best Buy's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2:
 - MIDNIGHT RELEASE!  (oh... AND 10$ [email protected]#)


Best Buy
10303 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 250-6819‎

Monday the 9th, 9pm!

 - Come out and face our some of our local Marine Squadron as they play all night giving you a chance to win swag and [email protected]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - TOURNAMENT!
Join the Free-for-all tournament for free!  Maps will be randomly chosen. When a player is defeated, they will yield the controller to the next bracket of players. Once all brackets in the ties are completed, we will take a fifteen minute intermission before beginning the next tier until a champion is decided. At midnight we will also begin the release of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We hope to see you there!


1st place - A copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 AND Player's name engraved on the Best Buy Gaming Cup to be displayed in the store
2nd Place, 3rd Place, and 4th Place: 1 (one) COD Prize Kit each (High enough attendance?  More prizes!)

Tournament Rules:
2.   Players will be courteous toward each other and other customers/Best Buy staff (IE No cursing, fighting, poor sportsmanship).  We don't expect you to not talk smack; we just ask that for the comfort of our customers you keep it clean.
3.   Personal Gamer profiles/Equipment ARE NOT allowed.  You will be playing on a generic profile for the duration of the tournament, with controllers provided for you to use.
4.   Best Buy employees, or relative/domestic partners of Best Buy employees WILL NOT be allowed to participate.
5.   We will be taking the entries on a first come, first serve basis; you may sign up at the 71st and HWY 169 Best Buy.  Limited entries available.
6.   We will proceed on a bracket system throughout the event; seeds will be determined by random drawing on the day of the event. YOU MAY NOT SWITCH YOUR SEED WITH ANOTHER PLAYER.
7.   Kick off of the first games will take place @ 9:00 pm SHARP. Late Players will be given a 5 minute window to take their positions @ the game stations; IF YOU DO NOT ARRIVE BY THE END OF THE FIVE MINUTE WINDOW, YOU WILL EITHER BE REPLACED (in the first round of play) OR YOU WILL FORFIET (Tier 2 and above). WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU IF YOU FAIL TO SHOW UP.
8.   Players are not to knowingly or willfully damage the property of Best Buy or of any other players/customers. (IE: No throwing your controller in a fit of rage when you get sniped and lose by 1 point at the end of the match)

Well, if you lose in the tournament, you'll spend the rest of the night in either free play "Some of the Best COD players in OK!" - brought out by!

When your not playing in the tournament or free play, your taking your turns trying to take the Marines down for COD T-Shirts, rights to touch the HUMVEE?, and prizes!!  And OKgamer's FREE TICKETS to 2012!!

That's right - Best Buy has plenty of games - no need to order - just come on out and have [email protected]#
(PLENTY OF 360!  PS3!  PC!)

Yup!  All you have to do is buy a copy of the game, have a Reward Zone account, and you get a 10$ gift card FOR FREE!  (Not a member, it's free!  So, FREE MONEY!)

SO - what are you doing Monday COD'ers?  OKgamers fanboys?!  OKgamers [email protected]#

Monday night at 9pm - Join OKgamers as we kick off this Midnight Release at Best Buy Right!#


LIVE IN OKC - Best Buy North in OKC will have a Midnight release as well!  OKgamers staff will be out there sharing OKgamers info, and GIVING AWAY FREE TICKETS TO 2012!  First come first served though!

Best Buy
5801 N May Ave
Centennial Plaza Shopping Ctr
OKC 73112

Come out and join us for free 2012 tickets, OKgamers info!
Buying CoD MW2 - then you get a free 10$ gift card!! YAY FREE STUFF!
(Sorry, no Marines or tournament this time around, give us a chance to make the Tulsa one and this turn out in OKC big, and we'll see where we go from there!!)




UPDATE - COD PLAYERS -,2649.0.html


Anyone that is in Oklahoma that uses this site - and considers themselves "some of the best COD players" in the Tulsa area - come on out and represent OKgamers and being the [email protected]#   

Best Buy has it's best coming in through employee's etc - CHALLENGE IS THROWN DOWN - WHO WILL [email protected]

---------------------- OLD -

Okay guys - this is SUPER SPOILER LEVEL TO EVEN MENTION NOW - but I love ya, and we need to move on this - so [email protected]

IF you play FPS - and were planning on getting COD - you should wait till tonight to make the decision where to go buy it :)

...especially if you can just go out and win a free copy :D

SECOND OFF - If you consider yourself ONE OF THE BEST COD PLAYERS IN THE STATE - OKgamers needs you in Tulsa Monday night.  Can't get into details yet, but they'll be going up later tonight, after 9pm.  OKgamers needs a group of "The Best" to rep Monday Night :)

SO.  If your like me and haven't pre-ordered yet - HOLD OFF - we got a place for ya to do it in Tulsa and OKC :)  (And They?  Have a BIG BOX OF [email protected]#  hehe)

More to come [email protected]#


Oklahoma can't lose to NORTH DAKOTA.

Oklahoma can't lose to ILLINOIS!


Amazon has started the "Call of Dut-est Town in America" promotion to award the town that orders the MOST copies and will award 5000$ to a charitable organization of their  choice.  (This is CLEARLY why OKgamers needs to fill out that nonprofit form... lol)

ANYWAY - OKLAHOMA - STILLWATER!  NORMAN!  DO NOT LOSE FOR [email protected]#  Go order now!
(As of this post they were 3rd and 5th.  TO NORTH DAKOTA AND ILLINOIS?  COMEON!)




So - while there is a resource for posting new events, etc - we really don't have anything letting gamers know what to do about:
 - Finding a business who has an event or finding a event that's not posted
 - Finding out that there ARE events for their game, and we just don't have it posted, and what to do....

SO - a quick explanation of the THREE TYPES OF REASONS - this would happen, and what to do!

TYPE ONE - and most common:
The Business has never heard of before - is only going on 4 years old, and has had MANY misconceptions about it over the years (Only Tulsa, Only Soul Calibur lool, Only Video Games, etc), and oh yea, is just NOT a company - so we don't actively advertise enough for everyone to know about us.

...that's where you come in!  You can HELP us spread the word and become a better resource - just tell them about us!

If a business or event hasn't heard of us - tell them that we are a free site dedicated to networking gamers in the Oklahoma area - and for free they can post their event and use us to promote!  We even encourage using our URL on their flyers to make it easy for gamers to find out about their event - free promotion, free easy to use URL, it's great!

Are they concerned about how to post?  There is a tutorial off the front page, and even a general tips thread:,1023.0.html

After a business posts - we promote their account to Business User - so they can have access to our business only forums!

They have questions - and you don't have answers? 
Have them use our contact form off the front page - WE WILL HELP THEM - that's WHAT THE SITE IS HERE FOR!

Seriously - we go OUT OF OUR WAY for businesses.  As you HOPEFULLY have read in the Code of Conduct - we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy about flaming or 'ranking' a business or their event - we protect businesses so they can spend their precious time either posting, or running their company, not defending themselves in some flame war or against a troll.  (Unfair to gamers?  Without businesses this site wouldn't exist, no content - so we do what we can to protect them, and get them to feel comfortable to post!)

They have a question, issue, whatever - have them use the contact form, we'll happily call or email them back!

TYPE TWO - not as rare as you'd think:
The Business has HEARD about OKgamers, but never posted their event
Business owners are BUSY people.  They have a life, a company to run, and oh yea, are trying to promote everything they do?  It's a lot of work.  Don't HASSLE them, but if you can, gently remind them that we exist :)  Remind them that it's free, we protect the rights of businesses above all else, and that we'll even help them throw the event if they want.  We are pro-businesses in OK.  Without them - we'd have nothing to do!!

...just remember - be nice!  And it never hurts to ask or keep up to date :)

TYPE THREE - and frustrates us too, but:
The Business feels they have enough gamers, and do not want to promote their events

In our travels, in Tulsa, we've found that there are game shops that simply do not want event promotion.  From them perhaps not wanting to deal with what might seem a fad, to simply them being overly busy now?  They simply do NOT want to post their events on OKgamers.

We cannot force them.  We do not suggest you seek these companies out.  We WANT YOU to leave them alone, if they express this.

It's simply a open and shut case - - is OPT IN.  If they don't want to use us to help promote their event, there's nothing else to do.



Short answer - with their permission - sure.  We know some business owners may never have the time.

HOWEVER - it's always best for the business owner to post the event.  Questions go straight to them, they know what's going on the best, and less miscommunication happens. 

NEVER - post an event without their permission.  We do not go around the wishes of businesses, and when we post for a business, it's always "opt in" or they've asked us to for them.  Someday a "Type 3" business might want to use us - let's not RUIN that chance by pressuring them, or forcing the topic.  Always have permission!

Gamers - have questions about how to help us?  Spreading the word but run across a issue you don't know?  Always feel free to ask - and use this thread to do so as well!


General Chat / OKgamers shirts / hoodies - Run 3?
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:40:44 am »
So - the question of "Where do I get a shirt/hoodie" has came up alot lately.  SO - we are reviewing whether or not we should do another run. 


It'll be after 20 or 30 people say they want shirts / hoodies on this poll.

Then, we'll collect money / orders from now till 12/13.  Then after that, we'll order them and have the shirts and hoodies available for pickup at 1/23 tournament.

A run after that?  Very unlikely lol - fair warning this takes a lot of work and planning and cost so yea, won't do this very often.

New shirt design is here - Front, holding to the left:

Back Design - centered at the top

Example of hoodie on Mj at Mustang -
(While your there, join our FB group -

Other examples are now posted up on the facebook as well iirc.

SIZES - All Black
T-SHIRT - Available in S - 6X

Cost -
Shirts - S-XL = $10.  2-4X = $12, 5-6X = $13
Hoodies (pullover) - L-XL = $20.  2X = $21, 3-4X = $23, 5X = $24
Hoodies with Zippers = 50 cents more


If there is enough interest shown via the poll, we'll do it.  If not, might see about ordering a few online, through other means, etc.  You have 2 weeks to vote / show interest!



OKgamers has been working to get more events, as well as fun and free things for it's members in the coming months!

November - Free giveaways?!
December, January, and even a February event unannounced as of [email protected]  More free things?!

Make sure to keep an eye on OKgamers forums - things are coming your [email protected]



12/13 event OVER - Results here:,2613.msg33882.html#msg33882


Can't wait till Janurary for our big TCC event?  Come get your practice and game on at OKgamers last event of the year - the LAST THROW DOWN 09 - at Funhouse at the Riverwalk!

THIS EVENT WILL HELP SEED BRACKETS FOR THE TCC EVENT - so show up, prove your the best, and get properly seeded at the TCC event!

Tulsa Community College Super Smash Bros Brawl, Halo 3 2v2, Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, and Blaz Blue tournament here

Why OKgamers also throws events?
Our primary goal - a resource for gamers in OK, however we also want to help out the gaming communities!  All events held by our volunteer staff of OKgamers is to get the word out about as well - the site for casual and hardcore gamers and businesses in the Oklahoma area to post gamer related events and tournaments, get players together, and go to find out what's going on in our area.  Tired of hearing Oklahoma has nothing to do?  OKgamers proves things are going on all the time!  Want to help out the OKgamers cause of spreading the word, so we actually KNOW what's going on around the area?  -
 - Join our staff!
 - Learn how College and HS students can get community service through volunteering with OKgamers!

YES gamers, we expect if you show up at our event, to be familiar with everything this thread has pointed out :)  
(As, there is no way to KNOW about this event fully, without this thread.  Please take the time to read up!)

Location -
Funhouse at the Riverwalk
500 Riverwalk Terrace, Suite 100
Map: Google Maps link

Games -
Street Fighter 4 - 1v1
SSBB - 1v1
     (SSBB - 2v2 - if we have enough time; did last time, may not next time, etc.  See below on hardware!)
BlazBlue - 1v1
Tekken 6 - 1v1

Times -
SSBB 1v1
2:30pm - 3pm - Setup and Sign up [HARDWARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 2:45!]
3:00pm - Tournament starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket [ WE WILL NOT WAIT!  Be on-time, back and ready @ 3pm please :) ]

Street Fighter 4
3:00pm - 3:45pm - Setup and Signup [HARDARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 3:50pm!]
4:00pm - Tournament Starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket

Tekken 6
3:30pm - 4:00pm - Setup and Signup [HARDARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 4:20pm!]
4:30pm - Tournament Starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket

4:00pm - 4:45pm - Setup and Signup [HARDARE NEEDS TO BE HERE BY 4:50pm!]
5:00pm - Tournament Starts, unless setting up hardware/bracket

SSBB 2v2
AFTER SSBB 1v1.  If we can get SSBB 1v1 done by around 8, we'll consider doing a 2v2, after assessing interest, and hardware present; it all comes down to having enough machines to do it quickly - both the 1v1, and then the 2v2.


THANKS TO Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Fox Searchlight, and Focus Features for the awesome Movie related prizes and swag!  We'll be giving 2012 Hats and T's, "THIS IS IT" the Michael Jackson soundtrack, and even more swag from movies like 9, ARMORED, Legion and more!

All games entry fees go into their game's pot.  then:

SF4 - 60/30/10 of it's pot
SSBB 1v1 - 60/30/10 of it's pot  
BB - 60/30/10 of it's pot
Tekken 6 - 60/30/10 of it's pot
(SSBB 2v2 will be free, unless all teams agree otherwise.)

Cost -
Like most events, there is a location fee, and tournament fees.  Spectating?  Free.

5$ location cost - for those playing in a tournament (Think of it as the way to give back to them for hosting us.)
This gets you 10$ in tokens. [Tokens are Funhouse tokens, to spend on DDR, Initial D, Time Crisis, Soul Calibur 2, and other fun video games, as well as ticket games they have at that venue.]


5$ per tournament pot cost.  Any tournament you play in cost 5$, and goes into that games' pot for 1-3rd.

Playing in SSBB 1v1 or SF4 tournament?  5 for location, 5 for tourny = $10
Playing in both SSBB 1v1 and SF4 tournaments? 5 for location, 10 for tournys = $15

AS YOU CAN SEE - OKgamers makes no money doing this, that's not what this is about - go read our goals.  This is all volunteer, in the hopes of improving Oklahoma by networking through one site for gamers.  Don't abuse staff, or give us a hard time - as we aren't getting paid to put up with it :)  

This is a public location, and of course watching is free.  However, only tournament entrants, and staff may use the machines.  Spectators may watch, but are asked to leave the machines to those playing.

Street Fighter 4 Rules:
Format:    2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
Rules:    If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
Console:  PS3

Non-Major: Default Settings 2/3 prelims, 3/5 semifinals, 3/5 finals
Majors and up: Default Settings 2/3 prelims, 3/5 semifinals, 4/7 finals

This means there are no bans on any characters.

Any infinite banned

SSBB Rules -
* 3 stock 8 minute time limit
if there isn't a winner by the end of the time limit, then the winner is whoever has the most stocks. If stocks are tied it is whoever has LESS damage.
* all items are turned off
* if there are teams then team attack is ON

* Remaining rules for SSBB can be found here - *

Tekken 6 and Blaz Blue rules still in finalization - you can find them here:,2654.0.html

Let us resolve the rules, and get you going again!

What you need:
We seriously suggest you bring your own controllers.  We may happen to have a few extra around, but it's always best to bring your own - less concern about your performance as well :)  

Can you bring hardware?  It would help out!  A "Setup" consists of a TV, console, game, controllers if possible and save data.  TV - 19" or above, tube preferrably, and remote if you can't change to input on the front.  SF and SSBB - FULLY UNLOCKED (SF = all available, SSBB 'more rules' and all 35 characters, and levels), and any controllers would be appreciated, however we encourage people to bring their own.  And of course, the game, console and any required cables.  

How you should act:
We are at a public arcade - please respect all around you, and remember your in public - so act accordingly.

Spectators and Players - absolutely NO interference during a tournament match.  No harrasing your friends or their opponent, messing with controllers or settings, etc.  When 2 people play each other, they are to be respected and observed, not distrurbed.  Please do not test us on this :)

What else can you do - Well, spread the word!  Remember, not everyone finds a flyer or knows about OKgamers!  

***REMEMBER, WE DO RELY ON THE PLAYERS TO BRING ENOUGH HARDWARE - what is enough?  At least 2 to 3 setups for SF4, and 5 to 6 for SSBB, 2 for BB.  We will cancel a game's tournament if we do not have enough hardware that shows up ON TIME.(We ask hardware to be there typically 20 to 30 minutes before the tournament is set to start, see times.)  Why is this? can only organizes events, yet as the front page explains we are not a company, nor do the venues we work with have everything.  Help us help you have a great event!

We reserve the right on ANY game to make on the spot changes to the tournament rules, such as a change to Single Elimination if there is not enough hardware, or too many people show up ["Too many" only determined by us not having the hardware brought to meet the demand in the time we have - be sure you understand that].  We have to be done no matter what at Funhouse by 11pm, thus the concern.  [Will we change?  Only if we HAVE to.  Hardware and you determine that.]  

Sharpen up your game, we'll see you soon!

Go out to your blogs and your websites and your myspaces - and link back to this thread - it helps - trust me.  Also, check out myspace and add us!


**NEW** - Facebook Event for this

Wanna thank us?
Spread the word - take a flyer, post the website up on your blog or website, join our Myspace and Facebook, or mention it to gamer friends (Keep in mind, we are just gamers ourselves, so that's how this all started!).
Join us - by Joining our staff!

Any of these will be more than enough thanks :)  

(DON'T FORGET TO HELP US SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE TCC TOURNAMENT!  That's a big event we want to go well!)

First time to the site?  This going to be your first tournament you've found out about on this site?  Welcome to the site!  Please go here, and let us know how you heard about!  It helps us know what is working, and what is not :)

Spread the word:
Make Oklahoma a place for gamers!  Check out to find out or post about events and tournaments for gamers around Oklahoma.



EVENT OVER - RESULTS HERE:,2606.msg34673.html#msg34673

Event: OKgamers 1st THROW DOWN OF 2010 AT TCC!

Think your the best?  We say PROVE IT.
Come out and try your luck against some of the best players in the state, and maybe even farther!

Keep reading to see how you can PRE-Register!

***Over 100 prizes to be given out as door prizes and tournament awards!***

OKgamers and TCC working together will be hosting this event, with sponsors coming on board!  Keep an eye on this thread as it'll be changing!

We'll also be having random give out's from various sponsors during the event!  Keep an eye on this thread for more as we lock it in.

More on TCC -

Tulsa Community College - VENUE! - PRIZES!
Joe Momma's - PRIZES!
Funhouse at the Riverwalk - PRIZES!
Wizards Aslum Comics & Games - PRIZES! - SWAG / PRIZES!
*More to be unnamed for now* - PRIZES / SWAG!

Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 - Tulsa's only 3 Day Anime and Japanese Culture Convenetion! - event tickets

Underground Horror Fest - is a One day mini convention with the best in live bands, vendors, guest (artist, writers, actors, fx artist and filmmakers) - event tickets

BRACKET SEEDING?   We'll take results from current events coming up to determine seeding:
Going to HxC's Halo Tournament?  We are taking results from that to do seeding.
Going to OKgamers' The Last Throwdown at Funhouse of 2009?  We are taking results from that for fighters.
Events over.


Tulsa Community College, Metro Campus
909 S. Boston, Tulsa, OK 74119

Google Street View of door (Rotate 180 degrees to see parking.)

*THAT IS THE BEST DOOR* - you go in, go up the elevator or stairs, and you are right there!  (PRO TIP: don't take your hardware up stairs!)

Halo 2v2 - will definitely need hardware help!
Tekken 6
Street Fighter 4
Blaz Blue

We have the space, it comes down to interest! = 2 weeks out, game roster pretty much set.


Setup & Signups open - 11am (tentative) to 12:15pm
Tournament Start time - 12:30pm (tentative)
SSBB - 12:30pm
Halo - 12:30pm
SF4 - 12:30pm
T6 - 1pm
Blaz Blue - 1pm

Cost: is holding this event to help out with Volunteer Central's cost for use (The system that helps students get volunteering hours from TCC, etc!  Want to know more on volunteering?  Read the front page!)

$5 Organization fee - goes towards fundraising for Volunteer system (ONE TIME FEE)
$5 per tournament entered - goes towards that games' pot! (PER TOURNAMENT ENTERED)

No location fee - due to TCC's sponsorship!
No spectator fee - due to TCC's sponsorship!

Prizes: 100% of the pots from each game 60/30/10, plus the funds and prizes sponsored!  

Rules?  Will be standard OKgamers rules, as found in the Planning forum, and Media section.  Any details being worked out will be discussed of course in the planning forum for rules.  See the Media section on the main site, or the rule debates in the Planning forum.

Halo 3 Rules -,2770.0.html

SSBB / SF4 Rules -,1770.0.html

Tekken 6 / Blaz Blue Rules -,2654.0.html

As always, OKgamers finds sponsors and locations for you the gamers to come out and have a good time, but we will need your help with hardware and spreading the word about the event!  We'll be looking for hardware support on most of the games!  (Smash and Halo definitely!)

So you want to know who is coming to the tournament? Pre-Register and everyone will know who all is coming!  Thats right OkGamers is bringing you a new feature this tournament. And as of right now You can Pre-Register!  And also see who else has registered.   Here is how :

1. Visit this Link and Fill out the Form.  (Your Personal Information, Phone, email, Age will NOT be Displayed to the Public or used to Malicious use)
2. Once you submit the form you will be taken to the results page. Make sure your information shows up there.
3. All Done!  Wasn't that easy!

If you would like to know who has already Registered before you do. You can goto this link to view those who have registered.

Can't bring hardware?  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLERS - as those bringing hardware won't be able to bring enough for everyone.

Format - All three games will be double elimination, unless there's not enough hardware.  The more hardware we have, the faster an event goes!


HAVE A BLOG? - has a banner you can copy the code and put on your site!

GOT FACEBOOK?  Join the Facebook event, our OKgamers group, and SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  Let em' know through Facebook!


What:                  Midnight Gaming Championship presented by McDonald’s

Where:                McDonald’s – 5960 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

When:                 Saturday, October 17, 2009
                                Registration begins at 5 pm – Tournament begins at 7 pm
                                (registration also available online

Games:               Super Smash Bros. Brawl
                                Madden 09
                                Guitar Hero World Tour
                                i-Play Fast & Furious mobile phone game

Game Systems:            X-Box 360

Cost:                  FREE

Going down for the big Football Game?  Check out some gaming while your down there!


General Chat / Halo Legends anime - ripping off Madox 01 and Gundam Seed?
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:29:02 am »

Halo Legends preview (How ironic and confusing to get the ODST preview on this lol):
Halo Legends Comic Con 2009 Debut Trailer [HQ]

Spike's story preview:
Halo Legends - The Babysitter (Preview) (Spike TV)

Well, after a bit of searching, I now know that the reason the random Halo mech (is this canon?) looks so much like my beloved 80's anime Madox 01 because they are both designed by Shinji Aramaki - oh, got it, my bad lol.  (do not watch viper's creed lol)

The "space bike" or whatever they want to call the Halo Meteor ripoff is another story.  Sure it's cool and all, but looks ALOT like the Gundam Seed creation Meteor unit, only with the laser arms melded lol.  Is Master Cheif jus stealin' from everyone? 

Production IG says good things, along with Aramaki and other names, but I guess only time will tell.  (Hopefully it won't turn into an "adaptation" like Witchblade did.)

Like anime and live in the Tulsa area?  Check out the Tulsa Anime club this Saturday -
(Go check out the forums to vote on what we are going to watch this time around.)



After a few commercials I grabbed the demo - I played for hours - thought it was fun...

...anyone else checked it out?  Thoughts?


General Chat / Halo 3 ODST - it's out, what are your thoughts?? Any good?
« on: September 23, 2009, 01:03:33 pm »

Okay guys - it's been out for long enough - someone spill!  Is it any good!  Should casual gamers, and OKgamers even notice or care about it?


88 - is a community site for gamers in the Oklahoma area. 

Casual gamers - can find others to converse with, play more games with, and breaking gaming news.
Hardcore gamers - can find everything the casual gamer does, plus the Competition section to strengthen and test their games with tournaments and events!
Businesses - have a free solution to contact gamers locally about their events, and even have help throwing their events! has become the success it is, and grows to improve day by day through the efforts of gamers in Oklahoma that want to improve Oklahoma and it's gaming scene!

While one person can make a difference, it takes many people to change a state.  OKgamers started out as a small effort to improve communication between gamers - now we aid in tournaments across the state, help plan huge events, and work with businesses and gamers to make Oklahoma more of a home to gamers!

Gaming for a Cure.  Gamers against Violence.  Tokyo in Tulsa.  Minicon.  Izumicon.  Nakacon.  Defcon.  Soul Calibur 4 Regionals. 
These are just a FEW of the events OKgamers has helped with and will be helping with in the future - things that wouldn't have been or won't be AS GREAT without Oklahoma gamers SUCH AS YOURSELF - helping us out.  Current and past supporters - you have our thanks!


Why do we do it? is a COMMUNITY - gamers coming together for their casual, and hardcore needs.  However, in order for it to be a success - gamers need to KNOW about the site to use it, making it a better and bigger resource!

...however we are not a business, or directly funded.  We are all just gamers like you. 

So we throw tournaments - for our active gaming communities.
So we help with events - so local businesses can have even better events, and local gamers can have fun.

So - while we can't BUY marketing, we can do grassroot promoting so we can get the word out about the site, so gamers find it, use it, and it becomes better and better!


We need people of all ages excited about our goals, wanting to get the word out about!  Daunting?  Just realize, every supporter, Mod or TO started out just like you - a random gamer who found the site.  And like we did, we are sure you have plenty of reasons to help:

-- How we help you
  • Tired of OK not being what you want it to be?  We need your perspective, guidance, and two cents on matters of gamers in Oklahoma
  • Want to see Oklahoma improve?  We need manpower on 4 fronts - online general, tournament support, planning committees, and street crew!
  • Are we making mistakes in your eyes? Not doing something right?  Join us and help us improve.
  • Are you going to college?  If you go to TCC, OSU-Tulsa, or any college in the Tulsa or OKC area that works with / Volunteer Central you can help us and GET YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS THROUGH HELPING GAMING IN OKLAHOMA! (More on the Volunteer Central thread)
  • We often gain free access, swag and other perks through aiding and helping events
  • Need to bulk up your personal resume for that next big job interview?  What sounds better than community service?

-- How you can help us

The reasons -
Let's face it - charges NO MONEY for use, and never will.  However, we need to get the word out about the site!  So we throw and help with events - and we are only as good as the gamers helping us out there.  We can only plan well for the games we have supporters to help us plan.  We can only anticipate and strategize with the talent that helps plan OKgamers next moves.  We only have the man power to improve the site, and make it more valuable - when we have the people to help us.  Because we need to improve to meet the growing needs and hit the goal of Oklahoma being a better place? We need you.

The actual roles -
What do we need you to do? You can signup for 4 general categories, with a 5th "make your own..."
 - ONLINE GENERAL - Whether your in the panhandle, or right down the street, you can provide valuable feedback in our constantly changing Supporter forum - where all issues are brought up first, and inside peeks into our planning and staging happens.  WE NEED FEEDBACK - and that's through this online supporter forum - we need you. (And yes, after a period of time, we recruit Moderators from this group, and the others.)

 - TOURNAMENT SUPPORTERS - Let's face it - we make our BIGGEST IMPACT - through throwing and organizing events, and lending manpower and resources to businesses and events wanting to have tournaments and gamers come out.  Tournament supporters are just that - the people that come out, put events together, run them, and then tear them down afterwards.  They are the front faces of OKgamers, and usually the guys wearing the shirts.  Want to make a real difference in your community right now - we need you.

 - PLANNING COMMITTEES - Some people think they know it all - the organizers of OKgamers are far from that.  We range from 17 to mid-30's and up - and know we STILL aren't in touch with every angle of gaming Oklahoma has to offer.  Are we doing something wrong? Do you have an opinion? Sign up, watch for meetings, and actively work that supporters section because  we really need your thoughts and input.

 - TOURNAMENT ORGANIZERS - Our newest category, and much like the Moderators, in that you cannot signup directly for this group.  These are the movers and shakers of our events - hand picked as they came up in their various supporting roles, we've chosen these every day gamers for their commitment to and their love of community to help us make sure events run smoothly, and help improve our online community!

 - STREET CREW - You cannot imagine how many people have seen flyers for OKgamers events.  However, those flyers didn't get to the stores they rest in by themselves.  If you work at, live near, or simply want to help getting the word out - we need dedicated street crew to work with us and HELP GET THE WORD OUT.  Seriously, from flyers, to posters, to working with the street crew Lead on where you hit with how many flyers - we need you.

 - MAKE YOUR OWN?! - Like we mentioned on the committee side, we aren't perfect, nor do we think we know it all.  Are we missing your set of talents?  Can you help us improve Oklahoma in even the slightest way? Improve our efforts? Add to our goals of Oklahoma not sucking? We like you.  We want to work with you.  Seriously.  From voice actors to video producers to whatever you are.  We don't turn down the opportunity to work with talent.  We don't CARE if your building your portfolio - we welcome it.  We don't care if you are using us to get experience to get around the catch-22 of "work experience before your first job" - we'll even write up a lovely recommendation letter. 

We care about improving Oklahoma.  We are doing it.  We could use your help.  You down?

(If your down - and have read this and our 'fair warning' below please click here to fill out our Supporter form - and let's get this thing going.)


FAIR WARNING - being a supporter come at a price.  We ask anyone that gains the title 'supporter' to remember - they may become viewed as 'the man' on the forums.  We all get frustrated with the occasional poster, or latest 'troll' on the block - but as an official supporter we ask you to set a standard of following the forum rules.  It's E-for-everyone around here - so cursing, etc, is asked to be avoided.  We remind supporters not all gamers are 18, and all parents have the right to surf the site and not feel like it's a threat to their family. 

Beyond 'code of conduct' matters supporters are just like everyone else - with the exception now you have access to any new information that hits the OKgamers front.  You help us lead the OKgamers towards improving Oklahoma.  You are the 'go to people' for Tulsa's organizer Saif aka X A, and OKC's organizer Sammy aka Furyswrath.  You join us as we struggle to stop wishing, and start acting.

You game?



No pictures, but I have received reports of OKgamers shirts seen down representing!  Thanks to those guys helping to rep the site, and hope you kick some TX butt!

Anyone got stories?

And - to watch the stream -


General Chat / IMPORTANT meeting - fair warning lol
« on: August 13, 2009, 03:57:57 pm »,2460.0.html

Info there.

I know some of you are serious about the site, but barely leave the chat and competition forums lol, so this is your "btw this exists" post :)

Also - I suggest everyone learn to use "Show unread posts since last visit."  Located at the top of the page, right next to your avatar.  It prevents the need of such threads as this, and also keeps you more in the loop with what's going on throughout the forums.


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