Author Topic: Oklahoma WoW Guild ... Idea ... Maybe?  (Read 10420 times)

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Re: Oklahoma WoW Guild ... Idea ... Maybe?
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2008, 01:07:56 pm »
I FINALLY got WoW and burning crusade earlier this week after thinking i was gonna get it a few months ago, ive been wanting to join a guild and just haven't found one yet. atm im on dawnbringer with my highest lvl 18 pally :-\ so far, id be willing to make another on another server ( since it isnt high anyway), and im more of a PvE person instead of PvP, id be all for a guild. Any server, just tell me what and where and im in  :)

Well like I said :|  i think everyone is right on about an Oklahoma based guild. No one wants to re-roll and everyone is on a different server.  But Like I was saying there are a hand full of Oklahomans on Azuremyst Horde side.   I personally dont want to re-roll and Neither does my wife.  I mean I do have a 64 or 68 lock cant remember on Icecrown alliance but thats the toon i got burnt out on.   So I started a mage on horde side.

Tell ya what I will put a Poll up.  and based on that Poll I will start an Oklahoma Guild or Not Start one.  but I really dont think it will happen.