Author Topic: STILLWATER AND NORMAN - Buy your Call of Duty from Amazon and WIN $5000 kinda!  (Read 968 times)

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Oklahoma can't lose to NORTH DAKOTA.

Oklahoma can't lose to ILLINOIS!


Amazon has started the "Call of Dut-est Town in America" promotion to award the town that orders the MOST copies and will award 5000$ to a charitable organization of their  choice.  (This is CLEARLY why OKgamers needs to fill out that nonprofit form... lol)

ANYWAY - OKLAHOMA - STILLWATER!  NORMAN!  DO NOT LOSE FOR [email protected]#  Go order now!
(As of this post they were 3rd and 5th.  TO NORTH DAKOTA AND ILLINOIS?  COMEON!)



Oklahoma doesn't have to "suck" - spread the word. - our goals

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