Author Topic: MONDAY NIGHT - COD fans? OKgamers has your events for you Tulsa / OKC!! READ!!  (Read 1005 times)

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UPDATE - COD PLAYERS -,2649.0.html


Anyone that is in Oklahoma that uses this site - and considers themselves "some of the best COD players" in the Tulsa area - come on out and represent OKgamers and being the [email protected]#   

Best Buy has it's best coming in through employee's etc - CHALLENGE IS THROWN DOWN - WHO WILL [email protected]

---------------------- OLD -

Okay guys - this is SUPER SPOILER LEVEL TO EVEN MENTION NOW - but I love ya, and we need to move on this - so [email protected]

IF you play FPS - and were planning on getting COD - you should wait till tonight to make the decision where to go buy it :)

...especially if you can just go out and win a free copy :D

SECOND OFF - If you consider yourself ONE OF THE BEST COD PLAYERS IN THE STATE - OKgamers needs you in Tulsa Monday night.  Can't get into details yet, but they'll be going up later tonight, after 9pm.  OKgamers needs a group of "The Best" to rep Monday Night :)

SO.  If your like me and haven't pre-ordered yet - HOLD OFF - we got a place for ya to do it in Tulsa and OKC :)  (And They?  Have a BIG BOX OF [email protected]#  hehe)

More to come [email protected]#


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