Author Topic: OKgamers - planning 2013's big first Convention: 1 day or 2 days?  (Read 2705 times)

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OKgamers has had an anniversary event for years now; while the last one didn't go as 100% smoothly as we'd like it?  It was still a successful event that 350+ people enjoyed.

Now - we plan for 2013, and the keyword is Convention.
This anniversary tournament series has been great, but it needs to grow.  We achieve that through "Convention" status - more events, more casual gaming, gaming cosplay events, panels & workshops; etc.  A larger scope of people care, talk about it, etc.  HOWEVER?

Do we do a 1 day - or a 2 day?
1 day?  Is what we've been doing; we can host it at TCC Metro, who's already said yes.  We can expand into the surrounding area's for the new aspects, etc.  Cost will be kept low due to TCC's sponsorship, and we can know we will welcome the masses with ease.
  • Big Tournaments, and as a Convention, bigger sponsors
  • The same great quality of events, expanded into even more chance to get local exposure.  (Aka, Casual Events / "Convention" status spreads better than "Tournament")
  • Gaming Cosplay Event
  • Gaming related Panels

2 day?  A lot goes up in the air; TCC may not be able to support this; we've not met on it.  Also, with a 2 day event that change could be good, or bad:
  • If no TCC?  We may have to charge as much as $20 at the door - if you vote 2 day, you are saying you would attend, and will pay that.
  • If no TCC, we need a hotel; that is literally starting to talk a $20,000 budget to "do it right" - if the event fails because we go 2 day, it may cripple future events, period.
  • Yet, if no TCC - we may have a bit more flexible timeline; that said bumping it up to a convention may gain us that at TCC as well.
  • If no TCC - we could do it "not downtown", which seems to scare the un-initiated.  To be frank, TCC or our current Hotel choice?  Both are right off the BA Expressway / highway.
  • 2 days - means Tournament Finals will be on Sunday; locals will have to plan to have additional time invested, travelers will have to rent a hotel room.
  • TCC or at a hotel, we are close to hotels.

1 day can be rushed; stretching it out over 2 days causes gamers to part with more finances, which can be an issue.

Eventually, any event like this that grows will have to be 2 days.
However, going to a 2 day format too early could potentially hurt the event, even causing it to die out.
It's a big decision: we need to know what the public wants, so we can support it.


We'll be meeting and making plans in the next few weeks:  making decisions and locking in details for an event late March, 2013.  Please help arm us with what the public wants - vote, and share it with fellow gamers!

(Note, feel free to ask questions, point out things, etc in this thread - HOWEVER, if you DO NOT USE THAT LINK ABOVE AND VOTE, it's all for naught.)


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