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Typ_EX - are you into soap operas?  Cause like, it's either the love of delaying like a bad daytime show lagging you into the next day, or lack of clear communication that you couldn't just say "Most of the Norman crew has finals".  Srsly, are you okay Tom?


Lol. <3 Saif.

Saif...I'm almost insulted by your "Norman Official" comment. I'd like not to think of you as the type to make those types of passive aggressive comments in seriousness. I'm not terribly worried about it, though.

However, I'd hate to be a douchebag...oh ♥♥♥♥♥, no, I love it...not really...Well, maybe sometimes.

Of its pot
Of its pot
Of its pot...

"It's such a nice day. I saw a tree with its leaves falling..."

Just sayin'

EDIT: Also, Ledge grab limit for SSBB?

To be honest...PS1 and Lylat would probably be striked out first anyway, but at least I won the argument. :)

Good luck in the tournament, guys.

...and MK's dtilt...and Rob's and G&W's etc etc. Not tilt game but Locking an opponent against a wall or a tree as the case may be. and of course the chaingrabs against a wall.

The only thing Lylat has is a tilting stage...that doesn't tilt very fast. Against all the disadvantages brought on by PS1.

It's because of the edge...Fro likes to lock people like me on that darned edge...

Lylat > PS1 for more characters in my opinion.

I only see MK/Snake and maybe Link...but Link can't reach any edge anyway... getting gimped on Lylat, really. Besides...PS1 has a wall where characters can lock with tilts and chaingrabs. I'm not sure why there is much consideration being given to PS1.

But whatevah...I guess it only makes sense in my head.

Needs more Pokemon Puzzle League...

Lylat Cruise is a good choice for a 5th neutral starter. It is far more neutral than PS1 or Halberd. Castle Siege is just out of the question. 

Lylat Cruise - Ship Tilts with MAY gimp some character. It's not like the ship tilts at a lighting fast speed though.

PS1 - Stage changes that give advantages and disadvantages to certain characters.
 While the stage is changing, any platforms that are rising or falling will stop a character in his or her tracks.  This stage also has a glitched edge.

Lylat is the obvious Choice.

These tournament results are really lacking some FK...just sayin'...

I'll dominate at PPL...just sayin'

Fighting Gamers / Re: Tulsa - Thursday Game Nights - SC / SSB / yea
« on: December 27, 2008, 01:53:35 pm »
I haven't played Brawl since I left TU for break... Can't wait to get back--it's boring down here.

Anyway, Genshuku-guy.  How is it that you go to TU and I go to TU...and we've never played brawl. Or we might have...I dunno.

I feel nerdy for posting on a forum for some reason...I guess I should just embrace it.

Anyway...This is the pretty much the best thing ever: "...and remember your in public - so act accordingly."

Haha...Thank you for adding that.

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