Author Topic: Rogers, AR – Open Gaming (Tabletop/CCG/Board) – January 15  (Read 1103 times)

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Rogers, AR – Open Gaming (Tabletop/CCG/Board) – January 15
« on: January 09, 2011, 12:35:30 am »
Hello!  I am Chris Colbath.  My friend, Ford Fitch and I, are having a game day across the border in Arkansas.  When I posted it, one of the OKGamers folks that was invited (Saif Khan) said we were close enough to OK that I should post it here.  So, here it is.

The Date:       January 15th, 2011 from 10 AM – 10 PM

Location:        The Masonic Lodge, 320 East New Hope Road, Rogers, AR 

Cost:              $5!

Our Purpose: Unite gamers in the Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas to the common cause of gaming!  This is not a tournament, but an open gaming event.  This is our first event, and as such we have a modest fee and open gaming.  Bring your board games, CCGs, or RPGs that you want to play and we will provide table space for you.  The location is not terribly large, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.  As we get larger, we will go for a larger venue.

We will have a few planned games with local GMs, including my popular "Are you a Werewolf?" game, but we will not have power and room for video games at this location.  If any of the GMs make the effort to actually add those games to the forum below, then you will know before you arrive.   8)

If you have a flyer you want to bring about your next event, please bring it (or send it with someone) and advertise your event here!  We will have a place to put flyers where folks can see them.

If you have an interest in bringing or running a game, please register and post in our forum.

I look forward to seeing you here!


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Re: Rogers, AR – Open Gaming (Tabletop/CCG/Board) – January 15
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2011, 12:04:18 pm »
ok so i just typed a long paragraph about competitive gaming here under the 2v2 halo reach. i too would like to see it grow around here. i live here and go to some of the okgamers tourneys but would be much more convienent here, and good competition. Halo:reach is the most competitive game out there. Many toureys are being arranged this year in the mlg brackets. If u do decide to launch this game i will help spread the owrd and it would be super easy. THe demand for toureys around here is crazy... most poeple dont know it. i play online and feel free to run games with anyone... i dont judge. THanks for launching this in rogers,ar and am looking forward to a great year! my gt is Unes Bro, and the gametypes for halo;reach competitive is the mlg gametypes on