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  • XBL ID: XianghuaALPHA is an "open club" when it comes to organizing, planning, etc.  We've never turned anyone down to be on Staff or now a Supporter, and we do that because we believe anyone has the potential to help improve OK, who are we to judge?  (We do scare of a decent portion with "...but you have to be responsible and not a troll on the forums" though ;))

However, after 4 years of running this ship, we've decided the average gamer / visitor to this site?  Doesn't care about helping plan.  They trust us, don't care, a mixture, etc.  SO - in late 2009 we made several changes:

2005-2009 - We had yearly organizing meetings to review where we were and plan out goals for that year.  We included our 'board of directors' / Advisory Board - a collection of people bugged, borrowed, or interested in overall OKgamers policy, but not day to day things.  We also included Staff, and literally anyone who wanted to join, however with the exception of an occasional Halo or Soul Calibur player?  No one ever used this option.

Late 2009 - we replaced the board with TO's, or Tournament Organizers.  They were the ones moving and shaking up OKgamers in the first place, they were the ones who should get the titles of importance and direct decision making - small stuff and overall.  Staff was converted to 'supporters' - effectively the same thing, but changed for good reason, etc.

All this to say?  We no longer throw out open invites to locals or gamers interested in OKgamers, but not already in Supporter status.  It's all kept in the hidden Supporter forum for those that care - and have opted in to get to the info.  After years of sharing, and no one caring, we didn't want to continue to spam anyone.

That said - since this is the FIRST "Board meeting" since the change, I felt it important to highlight the changes that have happened, and let anyone that was wanting to get in on working with OKgamers?  Helping to improve the state for gamers?  Wanted to highlight 1/22 we'll be having our 2010 meeting, and if you want more details, you'll need to have supporter status on your forum account, aka become a Supporter :)  If you want to help out, this is a good first step anyway, but hey, we at least wanted to let you all know.

How to become a Supporter thread:,2510.0.html

It's free lol, no real responsibilities beyond 'good behavior', and really, is all opt in.  If you want to get in on helping online or at tournaments or in planning the future, or a combination, that's where you start.


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