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: ***** HALO REUNION *****
: Oo HyPn07iC oO December 21, 2012, 03:26:35 PM
Well well well, you miss me......I love you too! As I enter the Walmart's and Target's of the world and pass by the gaming section; there is an incomprehensible and nostalgic aura that beams at me when I pass by. This invisible and yet realistic beam shines before my eyes and it is when this fusion occurs that the great memories of playing with my long lost friends leaves my inner feminist to tears. Each one of these friends has their own story and relationship with me and until now, I have suppressed these "tears." From me no-scoping Raider while smiling at Timmy Skorcher, to watching a adolescent girl destroy a whole team with everyone in disbelief, I am wanting to relive some of these moments that I miss as a teen.

Did you like that? ^^^^ lol

I know many of the people that played in the past have grown up and will not see this message, but if some of you are still in contact with these "expatriots," tell them that we need to get a tourney started, just like old times but with the new game.

Halo 4 4v4 and/or FFA
Date: ??????(need to know whose all coming)
Money: Since some of you have jobs now and think the "normal", amount is too low, we can play for whatever everyone agrees on.

Let me know if you need my contact info, I will pm you my number.

Thanks all,
Remember kiddies.........NEEEEXXXTTT!
: Re: ***** HALO REUNION *****
: 2AMPd December 30, 2012, 02:24:08 AM
My first time on here in a few weeks and I see this first, it was meant to be.

I bet you'd be able to get enough people for some H2 or H3 lans instead of waiting for a tourney. I know Jon and Grant and Kale would all be down for some H2, along with several others.
: Re: ***** HALO REUNION *****
: xXElmo January 08, 2013, 04:28:57 AM
I'm down.