Author Topic: OKC - Raider's & Hypnotic's Pre-HxC LAN (INVITATION ONLY) - 6/25-26/09  (Read 11488 times)

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Hello everyone who attended the Pre-lan at Raiiders house... Unfortunately I have recently lost my xbox 360 elite(it got stolen)... this occurred at the pre-lan when I set my backpack down bcuz I didnt need to setup(not enough room)... Inside my backpack was an elite with all the cables and a Halo 3 limited edition copy(It looks different)... My backpack is blue, black, and white... It is an outdoor backpack(Thats the brand name)... I would appreciate it if you would share any info  on this, if you have seen it or someone with or if anybody asked questions about... Raider idk how you wouldnt know anything or why someone with there own setup would grab a randum backpack without asking any questions since it is your house(im not accussing im jus sayn ♥♥♥♥♥ someone couldav seen me put it down... So plz if anyone has seen this bag or has it contact me on here... I promise i wont get mad for anything u could have already told me I just want my stuff back... Seeing that a certain group of people went to this lan it shouldnt be hard to track down... My acc could have been deleted so if you see anyone with an elite that you didnt see him have b4 its probably mine(sarcasm bcuz it would definately be mine)... I still dont believe that someone would have taken but someone did so plz help me out :-\

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Re: OKC - Raider's & Hypnotic's Pre-HxC LAN (INVITATION ONLY) - 6/25-26/09
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The good 'ol days.

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