Author Topic: Jenks-Yugioh "Generation Force" Sneak Peak!! Augustl 6th & 7th  (Read 1511 times)

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Yugioh - Generation Force
SNEAK PEEK • Saturday & Sunday

Sat - Aug 6 - 11:00
Sun - Aug 7 - 1:00

                  508 E. “A” Street • Jenks • 918-296-7111

You’ll get 5 booster packs of the latest set for $20, and use just those cards to build a new Deck. The minimum Deck size at a Sneak Peek is lowered to 20 cards. Since only these new cards are used, everyone has a chance to win their Duels!

While you’re having fun with your new cards, you might win a special Generation Force Game Mat. You can buy more packs of Generation Force on August 16th at ALIEN GAMES!

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Alien Games, 508 E. "A" Street. Jenks (918) 296-7111