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« on: February 19, 2012, 06:15:39 pm »
Both games are similar.

Double elimination.

All match-ups will be best of 3 games, exceptions will be Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand finals which is best of 5 games.

Agree upon a stage within 10 seconds or choose random. 

Winner keeps same characters between games but can switch ultra/assist.
Loser may choose to switch characters between games.

99 seconds 2/3 Games 2/3 Rounds for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.
99 seconds 3/5 Games only.

Losers/Winners/Grand finals will be 3/5 games

Tournament Guidelines:

* Accidental paused game will cause that player the loss for the round.  Always inform an OK representative of this incident. 
* Any use of game exploits, cheats, or any other play deemed “unfair” by an admin may result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the tournament
* In the event of a double KO, the round will count towards the overall match total unless the double KO occurs when both players have 4 rounds won; in this event, the match will be replayed starting from 0-0 with both players using the same characters
* Each team will be responsible for checking the other team's roster is valid BEFORE the match begins, disputes regarding teams using un-rostered players will not be valid after the completion of the match

Forfeits, Disputes, and Support:

* Any game issue that cannot be resolved by the players in the match must be brought to the attention of an admin immediate
* If any intentional hardware reset occurs, the referee may decide to end the match with the offending player losing by forfeit
* If any other problem occurs a rematch will occur if the two players conclude an agreement to have a rematch; if the two players cannot agree on a rematch, the referee will make a decision based on the progression of the game
* Once the match starts, players will not be able to dispute a match on the grounds of match settings, BOTH players are responsible for ensuring match settings are correct
* Disputes must be filed within 5 minutes of the completion of the match with a tournament administrator
* Players have a 15-30 minute grace period to show up after the scheduled match time, if your opponent does not show up within this 15 minute period in the match reporting system mark them as a "No Show".

Rule Changes:
The Administrators reserve the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, event organizer decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to run a successful tournament. Players are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to the event to ensure they are in complete compliance. Players must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the administrators based on the spirit of the game.
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