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Smash Bros thread?
« on: July 06, 2012, 06:32:15 pm »
Smash Bros thread.
When's the last time anyone's even talked about any game in the series on here? Are there even people on the site who even play anymore?
I'm a Brawl player, and obviously I'm looking for Brawl players, but Melee players should post here too. Smash64 peeps if there are any.
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Re: Smash Bros thread?
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2012, 05:34:19 am »

Sup Chozo, we actually just had a 10+ group of Tulsa smashers pop up; mainly the convo went down on the OKg FB Group.

The MOST OK area smash talk has to be on the SmashBoards thread for OK, as you know.

As far as strictly "Smash talk on OKg", OKg focuses on events - it never really wanted to try and replace or compete with community sites; so it's more about being pointed in the right resources...

...that said - when there's not a thread for an event for Smash taking the talks, then it's on FB - mainly the "Oklahoma Gamers" group on FB; however as I'm sure you know, there are FB groups for smash / fighters as well:

OKg page, like us! -  (OKg, from the 'source'!)
OKg group, where talk happens lol -   (OKg people who don't like forums, lol)
OKC area Smash -
Tulsa fighters -  (no dedicated smashers, but a few do play)

For anyone reading this that goes and joins? 
Tell 'em OKgamers sent ya :)


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