Author Topic: Tulsa, OK - Tokyo In Tulsa 2012, Tabletop / CCG / LARP - July 20-22nd, 2012  (Read 2607 times)

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Tokyo In Tulsa 2012, Tabletop / CCG / LARP

GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)

In Tulsa, OK  on July 20-22nd, 2012

Location: Tulsa Convention Center
Address: 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK 74103

Game List: CCG's like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh.  Board/Deckbuilding games like Game of Thrones, LotR, and Nightfall.  Several LARPS.  Tabletop like Empires and Generals, White Wolf Games and more.  Minatures like A Call to Arms and Warmachine, and much much more!

Event Description:
Tokyo In Tulsa is Oklahoma‚Äôs largest convention centered around Japanese Anime and Culture. We also highlight gaming (console, CCG and RPG/Tabletop), web comics, writers, and popular culture. Gamers, Concert fans and Anime Fans everywhere and of every persuasion will find something to do and be excited about! Tokyo In Tulsa is about coming together, having fun and celebrating our common interests.   Website -

That said?  This is simply the comments thread for the CCG / Tabletop / LARP events.


Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
Location Fee / Access to TnT Gameroom - $15 Gamer Pass
(Pro Tip - wear an OKg Shirt, get $5 off)

Free Demos!  
Tournament Entry varies by type.
LOTS and LOTS of Freeplay and Demos!!
Oklahoma doesn't have to "suck" - spread the word. - our goals

New to the site?  Welcome to!  Let us know how you found us!

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What is the setup/rules going to be for the Magic Tournaments?

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Standard Tournaments are going to be Type 2
Mirumoto Tairu
(Jeff Phillips CCG Con Chair Tokyo in Tulsa)