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General Chat / Re: Any gamers up for beta testing a Tulsa startup?
« on: August 10, 2011, 10:30:40 am »
Unless there is a better explanation of this, the URL is not to be trusted.  I think this may be a scam/phishing stuff.

General Chat / Re: Gears of War 3 is just around the corner!
« on: August 09, 2011, 08:22:53 pm »
when gow3 comes out, i'm sure bi-polar will more than happy to take your money.


there really needs to be a consolidated post, haha.  maybe one that has a lists everything that will be present with times and stuff, and then links to the sub-threads.

He's told me the same thing.  I think he's confusing weekly tournaments with weekly casuals.   While I do agree that weekly tournaments are a bit much, I very much disagree about weekly casuals.  *ALL* areas that have competitive groups of players have weekly casuals to practice and learn from each other.  Areas lacking weekly casuals lack competitive players.  Its seen nation-wide, the top players for any game come from areas where there are weekly casuals, which help produce a competitive atmosphere.

He said the other fighters are being hosted by a different group that is co hosting the event.  There really needs to be a list of all games available at this event.

15 is a bit much for a small tournament, and what is the split on the prize pool?  We got burned really bad by the tournament in bristow, not repeating that.

I understand the need to separate the shooters and the fighters.  I was just concerned about separating the fighters from other fighters.  Just trying to watch out for the other guys who play multiple fighters.  Don't want people who primary ssf, blazblu or whatever to not show up because they thought it would only be mk9 and mvc3.  A lot of those guys secondary mk9 and mvc3 and only play in those tournaments if they happen to be available at an event hosting ssf or whatever.

hrm.. that was almost productive, but solidus edited the main post and said see post #2.  i'm taking that means its only going to be mk9 and mvc3 now?  oh well, not that i care... mk9 is the only one i'm concerned with.  SORRY TIM!

can't you guys have a unified fighters' post?  that way those who want to travel to this combined event know whats available?  I know that those who are traveling up play a multitude of fighters.  Having to hunt down 2 or 3 posts to see what all is available could be misleading.

Do the converters work with madcatz te sticks?  Currently the converters I'm aware of that have the least input lag do not work with te sticks accordng to srk.

Do you actually play?  Do you live in Tulsa?  If yes to both, where were you when we announced MK get togethers every week for the past 3 months? =P

Grats to those who placed. 

Ray:  I've given since release, Tulsa just doesn't have much in the way of interest.  There definitely wasn't a lack of try or advertising.  Trillz is right when he says people would rather play online.  I did find another guy who was pretty decent online but had no interest in offline play.  Unfortunately for myself, I cannot play online no matter how much time I put into it.  My tv has a default 2.5-3 frame lag (~40 ms lag), maybe more.  Which isn't that big of a deal offline, just end up missing a few low blocks from time to time or the occasional throw break.  That coupled with the 5-6 or more frames (usually more) of lag I get from playing online makes it virtually impossible to play since NOTHING can be done reactionary.  Cannot block, interrupt, or punish on reaction.  Always end up eating unnecessary damage.  Not to mention all the missed inputs and dropped combos.  If I were to try and adapt to that, it would only create bad offline habits.  That being said, my only real option is to practice by myself, but that only helps so much.  If this tournament stirs up more interest, I may look into doing something again, but until then I'm done because online is a beast that I do not wish to deal with, and I do not enjoy playing by myself.

If there is no scene, there is no scene.  Posting on all the major mk sites, ok gamers, attending all the local area tournaments and hitting up a couple of other gamer nights in the search for more local area players has netted 1 person.  The verdict from other fighters is that its too simple and not challenging so they have no interest in playing it.  I stopped the game night because it turned into just my roommate and myself with sometimes trillz showing up.  I no longer have time or patience trying to nurture the tulsa area.  If more people appear due to tnt, then props. 

The only thing killing a scene are people not interested in a game.  The game is virtually dead on the west coast, with recent attendances topping out at 5 at the most recent California tournaments.  There was only a small glimmer of hope at the beginning due to the street fighter people waiting on ae to come out.  Now that it came out, many mk scenes have started to shrink. 

Fighting Gamers / Re: Mortal Kombat 9 - Game Night
« on: July 11, 2011, 10:54:21 pm »
well, i don't see too many chicks with names like that.

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