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Hey saw this forum section and thought id pass along my website    we are just a couple of guys doing game reviews and giving our own opinions on things.  Right now we are reviewing Red Alert 3 Beta.   We'd love to get Oklahoma Involved.  From time to time we get some extra invites and never know what to do with them.  We are supposed to get 3 extra Beta invites to RA3 but I think we will be lucky to get 1 extra one.  But what we'd like to do is get people involved more with game reviews on our site, it has an interactive comment system just like any blog. It does not require an account or password in order to comment.   But we'd like to hear from everyone. And find someone who is interactive and give these extra invites to rather than letting them sit and collect dust.  I usually get anywhere from 1 to 3 invites from EA all the time.  When Crysis came they gave us 10 beta invites and we didn't have have a full site going at the time.  They seem to like us.   Anyways I will quit rambling.  and just say we are working on getting console beta games and it looks promising to start happening next month.  But I need some Dedicated folks to help me out.  Right now there are 3 of us at Plasma Burn 2 of us have been writing and the other does some of our graphics.  And the 2 of us that write, work full time jobs for the F.A.A, and we need at least 2 people dedicate folks to ensure we have the most recent and up to date information on our site. And I also want to be able to post any gaming events as well.

Id rather have people from Oklahoma help out than anyone else.

Must be at least 17
Better Grammar Skills than I do (as you can see im not the best but I try)
Dedication to Gaming.  (You gotta be motivated no matter what the type of game it)
Must be willing to do 3 or more articles a week.  (You can see on our site some are short and sweet but are informational)
Podcast (Must either have transportation to Mustang, OK or Have a PC capable of using Skype)
Must be Mature, but still have attitude and share your full personal opinion when writing.
and lastly must have basic Web Blogging skills. HTML/CSS Knowledge Preferable but not mandatory.

If your interested PM me here or email  [email protected]

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Sounds like a great opportunity for some fledgling writers out here. Thanks for posting it.

No takers, Man Im bummed now.  Was hopping for some Oklahoma People. Im going to be posting this Nationally on Saturday.


Well, to be honest we had alot of interest in writing when OKgamers first started, then it's kind of slowed down.  I'd give it more than a few days before calling it quits, as some people visit the site less than weekly, and won't catch such a post till much, much later.


Hey guys im SOO Excited an Article of mine made it to a major gaming news website!!!!  Ive had over 9000 hits already just today!!


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