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Dragon Age: Origins

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The time has finally come, Bioware's newest RPG is out!  Anybody that has loved games like Baulder's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, or even Mass Effect (through all it's faults) will certainly be enthralled by the depth this game has to offer, as well as the hours upon hours of gameplay in store for those with way too much free time on their hands.

You begin by picking your "origin", be it Human, Elf, or Dwarf, followed by what kind of background you come from.  This is where your story begins...

Thus far I am very pleased with the combat as well as the depth of charecters and storyline.  Those loving a challenge, great story, and spending quite a bit of time in the pause menu customizing charectors will feel right at home with this epic RPG.

4.5 out of 5 in my book  ;)

sounds like a fun immersive game...the last time i played an RPG it was sudeki and fable for the xbox...and i love tactics ogre for the gba

Dragon GAYge: Origins is terrible on both consoles.

IF you get it, get it on PC otherwise don't bother

That's unfair, while I'm positive the experience is better on the PC, it is still the best RPG on the consoles to date, excluding my fav fallout 3 :) Bioware knows how to make em...

wrong the PS3 version of this game is so glitchy, choppy and messed up I couldn't stand it.  When every other screen shift makes the world flash in and out and every other "cutscene" has you walking through things in the foreground when yuo're way behind it, that needs to be fixed


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