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MODERN WARFARE 2 - Full Review (XBOX 360)


Xianghua kind of solicited me to write on the game since I finished it up earlier in the week so heres my review:

For the past few months a lot of good games have come out that were creating a large buzz around the gaming world. But all were silenced against the maddening white noise of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Once that initial teaser trailer was released by Infinity Ward at the end of summer my heart was pumping and I didn't even see any gameplay from it. But, little by little, the info of the game surfaced from the development team and it was by far an enticing spectacle. That being said once I put the game in my hands last weekend the excitement became somewhat of a delicious fervor.

So onto the game: Like anyone who played this first game, the story mode is something you don't want to pass up. It starts 5 years after the first MW game left off. You'll get some familiar characters right off the bat and be introduced to some new ones as you control special units, Army Rangers and SAS operatives. I say this now: if you have not played MW1 you will miss out on a lot of the greatness of the story and you'll somewhat be lost on why things are important in the game. Like in the first game, you continent hop to various locales including Russia, Brazil and some places you won't see coming. All of them are epic locations and the variety of scenery on a HD backdrop is an exquisite site to behold. Playing the game is not very predictable and the storyline throws one for a loop a few times over. In other words: The game gets real on you a few number of times and you really have to check yourself, pause the game if need be, reflect on what happened, and continue. Its that good.

One of the interesting things I thought was a special point is that before the game starts it will ask you if you wish to play a certain level or not. I realized that this level which appears earlier on the game could leave some in a compromised position. I respect Infinity Ward's decision to make it optional and praise them for making it a seamless juncture in it's forward movement from that point on.  Once finished with the game it really leaves you begging for more, its designed a lot like the first game when it comes to build up, climax and denouement. Almost like history repeating it's self. Although that sounded well and good, my begging was also because I thought the game was relatively short. The game clocked me at almost and even 24hrs of play time once over with, but it felt short. Not giving anything away but the story does end in somewhat of a cliffhanger that was arguably a reason to get MW3 (cause its going to have to be released, oh yes)


Heres the technical bit. If you thought your weapons were good in the first game, think again. The have really made the library of killing objects more palatable to various FPSer's styles. The list includes some of your favorites and welcomed additions like riot shields, throwing knives, and a lot of things designed to just decimate any moving object in it's path. I wish i had a controller test hookup to really see if there is a difference in shooting performance in the game, I've already caught a few glitches in reloading that you might figure out with heavy play, but besides that every gun has its strength and weakness and you'll have to grin and bear some of it to make it worth your while.  I still have an issue with how your character reacts to objects and climbing over barriers, but I love how the game will require to move out the way of things or duck here, or run there. The design team saw the issue in the controls and fixed alot of it so you dont get stuck on a wall will running of dont die but get stuck on a tree in a moving vehicle.


Once you're done with the campain, head over to special ops. This is a very fulfilling everybody get crazy area of the game. Special ops has tactical missions and specific criteria for you to fulfill and each level will test a certain aspect of your fighting ability. from sniper to general accuracy, tower defense and the like you can go about this on your own, split screen or online with another person. This replaced the multiplayer in game scenario and one going through the game you'll understand why. I think Spec Ops will really help some of us who don't excel in certain parts of the fight so when it comes to the online aspect of the game, we'll be just a little more ready then we were before.

Online multiplayer has been this franchise's bread and butter, and you will not be displeased with this one. Take some of the locales mentioned previously combined with skilled weaponry and you have a great PvP experience. The addition of changing your kill streak achievements based on your level is like frosting on a already delicious cake. Just little things that entice the gamer for replay value. You will be playing this part of the game the most and the guys over at Infinity Ward have made sure they will give you a reason to.

I think that will all that my final conclusion is that it is totally a solid game, well worth any money spent on it this coming Tuesday. If you preordered, good for you because your knew this was a great purchase from the get go. However some of you might hate me, but I was indeed frustrated with the length which cut this down from a perfect game to to me. I know I will get arguments, however its still amazing and a lot of the full game makes up for the brevity of the story. I give the game a 9.8/10

Timmy Skorcher:
So hows the LAN settings???


--- Quote from: Timmy Skorcher on November 06, 2009, 03:56:53 pm ---So hows the LAN settings???

--- End quote ---

What do you mean by that?

Local Multiplayer. In CoD 4, you could only select certain weapons which had perks already attached to it. Im sure he wants to know if you can customize the local multiplayer like online play.

okc rage:
lan is like multiplayer in the way you level up but your multiplayer stats dont transfer. so you have to get on lan a play to unlock. infinity ward fixed the lan problem, it's great.


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