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EA'S "Project Ten Dollar"

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We wanted to pass along some information about "Project 10 Dollar".

GameStop and other retailers have long been a good resources for cash-poor gamers. It's a good business model for consumers who can buy a game at a cheaper price and get some money for older games, and it is a good business model for GameStop because all profits from used games stay in-house.

The problem for EA and other game developers is that they receive $0.00 from any resold game. In an attempt to squeeze more profits out of gamers, EA has announced that they will charge $10 if you buy a used game and want to unlock in-game features that come free with the original game. Gamers already have to deal with Game Keys that are registered to single accounts, or locked to certain computers. Now EA want's to make a profit on a game that you own. It should not matter if you purchased the game from EA, or if it is a used copy. If you purchase a game, you should own it and have the right to sell it.

This move by EA is sure to be followed by the other game developers. More information about the project can be found here:

And just to tell you a little about ourselves:

The Pirate Party of Oklahoma is a new political party that believes in fighting for the right to Privacy, to keep the Government and private corporations out of our lives. We believe that the Government should be accountable to us, the people. And we believe that Copyright and Patents have resulted in an environment that is hostile to consumers. Digital Rights Management keeps us from lawfully enjoying products that we have purchased. If anybody want's to join the Pirate Party we are glad to have you, but our goal on is to provide Oklahoma Gamers with relevant news that affect you directly. If you buy the games, you should OWN the games.

Bees McGee:
from what i can gather from reading, i have no problem with this.

lets see: EA is now releasing free DLC, which has little effect on the game, if you purchase the game new. this is good, because people who buy new are getting more for the same price.
used game buyers, on the other hand, are getting the same exact thing that they have been getting so far, which is: a used game. if they want dlc that doesnt really affect the game much, they can pay ten dollars.

am i reading this wrong? why is this bad?

on the other hand, yes: DRM needs to die a painful death

*sigh* Let's support game shops that not only drive up the initial cost of games, but also screw the people that buy from them.

GameStop, Vintage Stock, and all the other "second rate" retailer, buy used games from people for maybe 5-10 dollars and turn around and sell these games for just under what the initial cost of these games are. What a racket. Then, because this market takes the "suckers" from buying the game initially, game producers have to up the cost to make profit, meaning I have to pay more......

I'll be glad when the idea of discs are gone and games can only be downloaded like PSN and Xbox Live.

Just my two cents on the scam.

I realize that the named retailers have their downsides as well. But the $10 dollar project also affects games that are sold between two people, craigslist, ebay, amazon, etc.

I do understand that, but the truth remains that used games sold wherever inflates the market. 


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