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Halo Reach - oh my, this is better than I think people realize...

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So - I write this, bleary eyed, at 5am to confirm what I had suspected, and what I think others fear would not be the case:

Halo Reach really IS a 5 star game.  It really is awesome.

Disclaimer - I've never played Halo 1, and cannot get all the happiness of "oh wow, X thing is Halo 1", and "Oh, good they went back to Halo 1", etc, etc.

What I do know is?

OKgamers worked with Red Bull and other companies to bring love to the Gamestop Midnight Launch of Halo Reach.  It was a pretty big turn out from what I saw, maybe a bit less than Halo 3.  Which fits - the promotions seem a little bit less, gamers seem a bit less interested - it feels like we just got a 4th Matrix, and everyone is going - huuuh?

Bungie did go out and "knock it out of the park" though, imo.  (Great scenery, awesome toys, interesting refinements.)

Anyway, after the launch, I stumbled in, picked up my copy as well, and went to the house with a few other OKgamers types.  Since it's only CO-OP for 2 screens locally (you can lan/xbl more), and Rislone had to wake up early anyway, Rislone and Eric watched, while Afro and I started campaign.  Slowly, they faded off, but for Fro and I, well...  We were locked.

3+ hours later, the ride was already extensive.  The new weapons, a whole lot of fun.  The experience - way more than the average shooter has been to me in quite some time.  It's been - a real awesome experience.  All the natural game play of Halo 3 seems to be there, with surprising little benefits.  The BR single shot seems to have taken my old BR skills and sniping skills and combined them.  No one talked about the fact the new grenade launcher - can take down ARIAL targets as well!   Over and over again, I found new things to talk about, fun to be had.  The camo - fades on shooting, and moving - balance restored lol.  The armor stuff in campaign also goes away on death - not sure about multi-player yet...

...and the interface?  You can tell they finally got to use an HD layout - not held back by keeping it ready to play on SD tv's.  It's - quite pretty.  Well laid out.  Seemingly, quick and easy to use - I'll know more once I poke around.

I'm an adult, so I've got things to do, and places to be - but man.  I really would love to continue right now.  Blarg to restraint!

In the end - I wanted to just put out a little write up from a gamer who does enjoy the occasional shooter, and has played a lot of Halo 3?  But also - didn't really KNOW if this was going to be big...   And the more I think about reactions, kinda feel a lot of you may have done?  You have been holding back, to see what non-TV people thought?  Well, I'm no pro, but from a fan of Halo 2 and 3, I'm really enjoying this  (Yes, H3 has it's issues, but haven't most of those been resolved with Reach?).  Trust me - get with a friend, check it out yourself a way your happy - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


I know how you feel man. Everything was perfect, and the one thing that really caught me was network optimization. When i play online, literally, 9 out of 10 of my games are lag free.

That was my one thing holding me back in halo 3. I'm now sitting on a 2.5 KDR and i'm loving it.

But, i bet with more time i'll run into more skilled opponents. Ah well, i'll do my best.

I hate to admit it, but Reach is probably the game to bring me back to Halo.  It is a very polished, feature rich game and in my opinion the best Bungie has made.  The reason few games recieve a rating in the 90th percentile (Red Dead, Mass Effect) is because other games just don't feel finished.  Reach is the whole package and a great fairwell to the IP (hopefully).

I do not think Reach has the competitive appeal the two preceding games had. I would advocate MLG returning to Halo 3 for next season.

Timmy Skorcher:

--- Quote from: Blake93 on January 07, 2011, 11:03:54 pm ---I do not think Reach has the competitive appeal the two preceding games had. I would advocate MLG returning to Halo 3 for next season.

--- End quote ---

Reach is good.. see the problem I think with gamers is they quite frankly B**** to much. Its the best multiplayer period. No cheaters, every inch of the game is tracked, and most importantly quick easy matches to find. Other multiplayers I have to pray my whole team makes it into a game with me, others people cheat manipulate and call me the N word 5k times.. anyway point is Reach is better than Call of Dooty and gamers need to post on their thoughts cuz they actually listen.


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