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Hey bub, I'm Colton. I am apart of one of the top LAN teams. With 2 first place finishes, 3 second and numerous top 5 slots. HMU on XBL and we can start to build our friendship and potentially you can join. Thank you, NoTLoC918

maybe they will have the new update with LAN PARTY set up? wishful thinking

First Person Shooters / Re: Mw3 GAMEBATTLES
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:00:29 pm »
add my mlgid:cb notloc918

there is no kill streaks.. specialist would be a kill streak.. therefore you can not use it!:)

He's thinking it's Team ladder. Those are the search &destroy for team.

Tournament Aftermath / Re: Dear People Hating On Cyriacks Read....
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:05:13 am »
We never used the flash drive accounts. The XRG clan did not let us use them, first 2 games we played we used our normal accounts Notloc918 and Oneshot2k9. Yes if we could have used them we would have, Yeah we paid him 10 dollars to use them but in all reality we never got to use them for an actual game in the tournament. So next time you include my name or others get your facts straight. First off you started saying things to the other team, which would include your entire "team". To be honest we didn't even get close to winning it anyway so why should it matter what we used. When you had to use the setup everyone else used you got destroyed. Sorry to say it, you lost. Taannkk and Dankyy won, fair. They won every single match with out a "modded" xbox/flash drive. Thank you, see you at the next tournament, with no flash drives? Awesome

well, if there is internet there... we don't have to worry about it. Private match online if we do have internet.

well, the okgamers thing is on the 25th, so it kinda sucks.... Unless they can come to it so we can all play still..

get on xbox, Notloc918

no, private match and lan are two totally different things. private match is based on your gt and so is split screen. lan is not based on your gt. i used mine at the last tournament and started at 1, as my xbl gt is like 4th prestige level 30

First Person Shooters / Need xbl MW3 players for gb team ladder.
« on: January 25, 2012, 12:32:57 pm »
Hello I am Colton, better known as Notloc918. Myself and my brother Levi(Oneshot2k9) are looking to be sponsored, but our problem is most people or companies will not unless we have more than doubles. We are currently located in sand springs(Colton), and manford(Levi) if you are near and you are competitive. please get with us on xbl and show us what you got. We are #1 on, #3 on lead the league in 2011:22-3), ranked in the top 200 on gamebattles(54-11) and we go to ever Oklahoma tourney we can(4-1 so far). We did lose at techcon but we messed up bad. We need a clan and would love to meet knew people and help us get our names out there so we can go to the mlg tourney in Dallas. Thank you for reading. Pm me for more info and my number. thanks! :)

we do not use xbl in these, we use lan. in lan connection you have to level your own character up. I think the best thing we could do is just have a lan party. like at chaos in supulpa? or somewhere big enough.

i can maybe bring 2. one for sure

what time does the mw3 tourny start?

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