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Fighting Gamers / Looking for a UMVC3 tutor
« on: June 26, 2012, 02:12:54 am »
Hi as you can guess I am a new member I decided to join this place when I thought to myself I honestly have no clue what I'm doing in UMVC3. I mean I understand the basic and everything but I need someone that can see how I fight and teach me the ends and outs of my team. By that I mean I want someone to look at how I fight and tell me the few major things I need to brush up on before the tourney on June 30Th. Yes I know what your thinking you just started playing and you want to test your luck at a tournament your crazy man. Well this is how I see it I want to improve my current skills by training in a place where they're are alot of people that play for fun and excitement. I have never been to a tourney before so I thought why not have some fun and see how other people play and learn a few things. So if your interested and helping me out add my gamertag Ren Okumura.  I want to train for at least the whole 4 days until the tournament. By that I mean I want someone that can teach me the basic flow of the game and what I need to work on and what I can improve on I know I won't be pro level but at least I'll stand a little bit better of a chance.

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