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Don't underestimate the power of the lurkers, bro.

And Tokyo in Tulsa isn't exactly a small event. You'll more than likely get some pot feeders from all around, even assuming what you say about the local MK9 scene is true.

I'll definitely be there for Smash, and Marvel if someone would be kind enough to lend me a PS3 stick. *360playerjohns*

A friend is going to TnT anyway, so I'll just catch a ride with him.

Might have to dust off the GC controller and get a ride to Tulsa. Still kicking myself for missing OHSNAP. >_>

 I'd enter a few of the other fighters, but if it's PS3, I lack a stick or the funds to acquire one.

Huh. Well that's lame. =(

I'll still be there, I suppose.

Might be there. If so, I'll bring equipment.

You know my track record with me actually making it to these. So again assuming that my ride doesn't flake, I'll be there.

I'll be there with 2 Wiis, and a sucky Dedede. xD

Curse Brawl+ for it's funosity. >_>

Balls. >_>

I totally forgot about regionals. xP

I'm going to have to play something other than Brawl+ now. xD

Hmm. Time start practicing hardcore again...

Tatsu might be there to possibly place third.

Not bearing any ill will, but I'd laugh hard if "OK's Finest" got anything but first. xD

Shooter game players amuse me to no end. xD

So Brawl players, let's get some equipment in. I can bring one setup, maybe 2. 3 Wiis and 2 TVs at best, which will most likely not happen. We're more likely looking at 1 TV and 2 Wiis from me, so who else is going to bring some equipment?

You know, I'd love to say I'll be there.

But my ride has a 50% chance of disappearing on the day of the tourney.

So yeah, If I can make it there, I'll be there.

I am so mad at my flakey ride. >.<

*string of words that aren't allowed on this board*

Chuck Nasty? Washed up Pokemanz Trainer? Nevah.

If KOS-MOS isn't coming, then I might be able to make 3rd...maybe...

Nothing much.

Lack of interest? In Doubles? Blasphemy! o=<

Hmm. I really want to make it there now. >.>

I'll likely just get my a** handed to me by THeiN or Kos if he shows up, but it should be fun at least.

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