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Well lets continue then!

Hitotsu hegi hegi ni hegigoshi hachikami.
Bongame, bongome, bongomou.
Tsumitate tsumi mame tsumi sanshou.
Choshadan no chashoujyou.
Okome no namagami. Ohome no namakami.
Konkogome no namakakami.
Shusu. Hisuzu. Shusu. Shuchin.
Oya mo kahei. Ko mo kahei.
Oyakahei, kokahei. Kokahei, oyakahei.
Furu kuri no furu kirikuchi.
Amagappa. Kabangappaka.
Kisama no kyahan mo kawagihan.
Shikka bakama no shippo korobi wo.
Minna de tabinaga ni chotto muite.
Mudo soto sono nakade kawara sekiniko sekichiku.
Nora nyorai. Nor nyorai. Mina nyorai. Munora nyorai.
Choto saki no okoho botoke ni okesu na okyaku ga hosonaga ni, hosodomo ni, hosonoyo ni.
Kyou mo nama nama nara nara nama no mama.
Choto shiokande, ochato chatacho chatto chotato chotecho.
Aoda tokasen de hochacha tochaha.
Koo ha koo de moo ni koo.
Kouya no yama no okera kozou.
Tanuki hyappiki, ashi hyakuzen.
Tenmoku hyappai, bou happyappon.
Bugubagu bugubagu, nibugubagu.
Awasete bugubagu, mugububagu.
Kikukuri kikurkuri, miki kukuri.
Awasete kikukuri muki kukuri.
Mugi gomi mugi gomi nimugi gomi.
Awasete mugigomi mumugi gomi.
Ano nageshino no nage naginata ha dada nagenawa no fuhou no.

That is the tongue twister from CLANNAD

True he would've most likely.  But this tournament had weapons and FS ball on and ALL LEVELS.

Thing is, and what was funny, nothing ever popped up.  I mean in all matches only a couple of superscopes, 1 sword, a bunch of Final Smashes (that everyone missed at) and the freaking Dragoon which was grabbed every other match.  But I never got it or anyone I fought other than the Snake I fought, and I was on Final Destination and he didn't touch me with it, he came back to Thunder Kneee to the face and lost, but that was the closest.

It's hard to keep it going though without losing it.......

I sre went, yet another heavenly place to be one weekend after another.  It was awesome, so nice cabinets and some picked apart and attacthed to TVs and moniters to be played and sold so you can make them youself at home.  Some awesome older games I really wanted to get, freaking Lunar Legend Silver collection being my TOP I wanted that so bad.  No money though since it's only a week after TnT....... but also Valkyrie Profile for the PS1 was there and Chrono Cross (which isn't THAT hard to find) and what I actually attempted to but, was FF Anthology with FFIV and Chrono Trigger together. Since someone took mine.

On another note and what I spent MOST time on, the entire set up of 2d fighters, I love it so much, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and 1, all KoF games basically, including the final one ending the Fatal Fury saga which wasn't released here, and that game locked the cashbox.  Street Fighter 3 was on constant go, nice.

they had a  Dreamcast fighter tournament, where there was two entire rounds, first wasan entire colums of people going through Marvel vs Capcom, and the next was KoF 1999.  I lost in round 1 of MvsC (i've enver playeda fighter on a Dreamcast other than MvsC2) and the buttons were differnt to change and I couldn't change, so that didn't help at all. But I did go through the KoF 1999 portion and won, even against FFH which was the hardest battle there.  And then me and the champ from MvsC was to fight in a "random" game and it was DoA 2 for teh Dreamcast, and i've never played a DoA other than 3 and online (which sucked btw) and the other guy was telling me the buttons were flipped from those.  But I demolished the guy with Ein, quite a few reverses.  So I won that, it was cool.

Also which FFH doesn't know because he left, I ended up winning a Brawl tournament that they held also with Cpt Falcon.  95% of the people in it haven't playedbefore, but therewas the GameCrazy group that talked the entire time "knowning" who the finalists were gonna be and a like 12 yr old Ike player who knew Ike very well, and a dude who played Pit knocked both of the people who were demolishing the tourney out.  Then I beat the Pit guy, and then beat Ike (which was REALLY lucky) but what wasn't lucky was the Falcon Punch I landed on him, he sat there charging side B, so I just jumped flipped and BOOM, and then he came back as it was his first life and I had 60+ percent on my last life, we were on PictoChat level and and the wind started blowing, knocked him off and he fell.  So  tourneys in a row all on staying up for 32 hours straight! and one Mt. Dew keeping me going.

and yes Rislone, it's always a competition!

Didn't think so

My sister is a gamer, she owns in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3  ;D

General Chat / Re: So I joined Gamebattles
« on: August 09, 2008, 12:48:15 am »
Pfffft  no SC IV battles

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! O WELL TnT was alright but we needed more sc players and i wish there was the COD4 tourney but theres next year.

I wanted the 2d fighters to get a chance, Arcana Heart for myself and then someone else brought Capcom vs SNK, Guilty Gear and like every SNK game known to man, I REALLY wanted these to be in there.

IM  THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ;D

*vader voice*  NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I said, you haven't beat me in a long time.  That was a long time ago you beat me, at mini-con I beat you in the tournament son.  Kilik style, not before and after it was all a mix bag of win and loss, but at the tourny, it was me.  And that's what matters.  Like at this one I beat you afterwards with Yun-Sueng, but that doesn't matter, too late.

Ha, remember way back when Saif gave me a bunch of flyers to hand out, way too many that is, and I handed a bunch, I still hav ethe rest of that stack in my car, I take some out every now and then when I go to a Gamesotop or Best Buy just in case.

well i hope to see u in some other gears tourney then  :)

Is that you Alfredo?  Tim here.

I was Cpt. Falcon in that charity tournament and beat Lionheart when he was Samus, but laost to double Falcon, and made a mistake choosing SOnic in general.  And then had a 2-1 loss to FFH as Cpt Falcon.

ALSO lost to FFH in the SC4 tournament, which was the first time I lost to him in a LONG time, isn't that right good ol chap?

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