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Breasts too big! also they ruined Talim who was my fav.

Come on if they can put yoda in, they can fit a proper loli in right?

I hope this is sarcasm.

Tournament Planning and Hype / Re: Permanent Tournament For Oklahoma
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:28:55 am »
Agreed Bees.  #1 reason why I don't play FPS on console.  Except for LFD2, i still struggle with trying to find decent groups.  Can anyone tell me when the trash-talkers, teabaggers, and 13 year-olds took over online multiplayer?  It used to be fun...

I blame halo...

Blame Halo 2 that when they took over.

Nice try affinity.

Wooooo can't wait to see the results.

hahaha this is pretty funny.

General Chat / Re: GameCrush - Play with girls! (april fools, I hope)
« on: March 26, 2010, 11:14:40 pm »
I run into a girl just about every time I play Left 4 Dead 2....They seem to really like it lol

What girl doesn't like L4D2 is the question?

General Chat / Re: Games aren't what they use to be
« on: March 26, 2010, 11:08:43 pm »
Oh and Uncharted 1 was alright, definitely worth a playthrough if you want to know what happened before 2, and its really not a bad game at all for the time. As for my lacking in FFXIII, its my first FF game so go easy :)

You should mash A more I heard its the win button.

Local Players General / Re: Pokemon Fight Club
« on: March 23, 2010, 08:57:47 am »
Hey wanted to see if there are any people near Tulsa who wants to start getting together for some Poke fights. I have Pear and soulsilver. My roommate has heartgold. I cant host now but maybe in a few months I can. Is there anyone who wants to step up on this. Also if you want to post your friend code, this is the thread for that. My friend code is for soulsilver is 5027 6613 1280.

The first rule about don't talk about it.
The second rule about.......YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT IT.

General Chat / Re: OKC WoW based Guild?
« on: March 21, 2010, 06:49:50 pm »
I will post more details on this Later..

We are looking at doing an Oklahoma WoW get Together this summer Maybe at Lake Arcadia.  And maybe doing something creative with it.

Rhino dogs, Warp burgers, Conjured mana biscuits, etc.  and have some Alliance vs. Horde action w/ vollyball, horseshoes.

So Look for some more info on this, this summer.  I think I even may have 2 sponsors lined up for some drinks and prizes.

This will be a tottally Offline Event :)  lol 

I will Post Details Later on.

OMG [email protected]@#[email protected]!

i'll dominate some kids at some volleyball.

General Chat / Re: OKC WoW based Guild?
« on: March 20, 2010, 10:58:02 am »
My main is a BE pally

Prot - main spec
Holy - off spec


IM not going to lie you are the BIGGEST forum lurker i have ever seen, we think your gone, and then BAM you post OMGWTHGADSGJASDF

More like ninja lurker.


SSBB 1v1

1: Domo-MK
2: DPhat-MK
3: Chuck Nasty-MK
4: Clel-MK
5: Kos Mos-MK
5: Ice-Snake
7: Zeton-Fox
7: d4bag-MK
9: Young Deezy-MK
9: Zinth-MK
9: Van-MK
9: Bassem-Wario
13: Typ Ex-Falco
13: Mr. Doom-Ike
13: Holms-Wolf
13: Afrotastic-Snake
17: Sars_Pirate
17: Hyper-Wario
17: Foxy Brown-Diddy
17: 999%-D3
17: 4rce-Diddy
17: Darkwaith
17: Derek
17: Po Pimpus-WeeGee
25: Bobo-Falco

The results made me laugh pretty hard.


One note - I'd suggest reversing your tournament set - if 3 is the one with all the big games like SSBB in it, you'd want to start that first wouldn't you?  That way you've got a better chance of it getting done quicker - then after it's going you can start your smaller games, etc.


Sounds fun!  Add ONE VOTE FOR SOUL CALIBUR 4!!  PS3 of course.

Speaking of which, if it gets voted in I can bring a ps3 and game.

And if the SSBB'ers are going to this, maybe we can carpool, etc.  It's shorter than Dallas, and it's been a while since I went to AR for an event :)


I'll see what josh think's of this.

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