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Is there a certain set of achievements you are going for, or just enjoy it enough to go after higher levels?



Just to be clear: YES, this event is happening.

Ricky's getting the final details fixed on a location, and thus didn't have it. 

Rules say - no final details, no T&E.  So, we've moved it to Hype - spread the word!


Ok just to start this off im not trying to be mean or anything but this is a stupid idea ya lets have online oklahoma league when there is no way to prove that the players are actually from oklahoma i mean lets face it its just not a good idea plus connection problems, people quitting out, proof, it just doesn't seem like it would be any good at all honestly id rather go to a lan that way there is no problems and u said 50$ is that a season or a match cause if that for the entire season thats really dumb bcuz you could go to a lan and win just as much. No offense to anyone just seems kinda like a dumb idea.

No way?

Phone Number where they can be reached - 918 / 405 / etc.  If they have no phone?
Facebook used to verify; if they've changed their location it'll even report that on the wall.  (You can compare schools, etc)
Web cam shot of a drivers license.
Web cam / photo of a piece of mail from their OK address.

And once they've gone through one of these processes, you could "Verify them" for a year.

And that's just my ideas off the cuff.


If you want to have an "Oklahoma League" you are going to have to do a bit more work than just starting a XBL room.

Anyway; if you are already showing frailties at a simple "how to determine if they are from OK or not", I fear you may not be the one to take this league idea forwards.  Not trying to be insulting; just being real.  Events = hectic.  Tournaments = a lot of planning, manpower, and time.  If you aren't prepared for that, please don't let the community build it's hopes up and then you drop out half way through.

And no - I'm not being mean, or trying to single anyone out: learn from Flip's example - <--- click that.  He got through 2 maybe 3 events before he went all sorts of PO'ed.  I'd consider him the average gamer type; learn from the previous examples to avoid repeating them; that's all I'm trying to do. 

I'd like to point out: as much fun as an event can be to ATTEND, it's a whole different ball game organizing them; more a less for an entire 'season'.  Anyone that wants help, or consulting;  the main site explains how to get OKg's help, and HxC's Ricky also helps out.  Key word there for Ricky, helps, not runs for you...


As for any "OH NO TIMMY DIDNT PAY?" Questions?

I've worked with Timmy Skorcher on many, many events.  While he's not failed to provide at an event we've worked with?  I'm not an amateur either.  I ask the right questions, and get the specifics.
"OH, A SPONSOR WILL PAY IF WE GET ENOUGH ATTENDANCE?"  - If you leave that conversation without knowing:
 - How many must attend to get prizes?  What prizes do we get for that number?
 - How does this scale?  How much in prizes for what attendees? 
 - Have you signed anything official for this sponsorship?  Have you worked with them in the past?
 - What does this sponsor require of us?  Photos?  Documentation?  Flyer or product dispersal?
 - Is there anything I haven't covered that I need to know?  Do you have any other concerns I haven't brought up?

Ricky's a great guy - but when he's a FACILITATOR - he's helping you, not running the show for you.  There's a difference in asking FOR HELP and asking FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO RUN THE SHOW.  There's no problem with asking for help; the problem is when you start assuming ANYTHING in developing an event.  Avoid assuming and you might just avoid having people to apologize to later; no guarantees though :D.

Ricky - in the future, have gamers that want to help you fill out some forms, answer some questions, etc; the more you formalize your assistance process, the less you'll have to deal with light weights that'll just burn out and cause you issues.  I'd suggest just going full contract; have explained what you are offering, and what you are not.


Tabletop & CCG Gamers / Re: Tulsa - Trying out a new RPG system
« on: April 07, 2012, 08:48:54 pm »

I met two different groups at the event. Hopefully, those contacts result in some gaming. Thanks for the heads up!

Awesome, hope it helps out!!

I may be interested.  Drop me an E-mail.

OK Chess eh?  If you do officially represent any of the OK Chess groups, etc - I'd encourage you to use the site to post your events too!  The site is for all gamers, and we'd love to help share chess content to OK!!



Events posted must have a venue; please edit that in, and you'll need to update your google link as a result of skipping that in the first place.


thank you. iF it helps any i am staff for HXC now.

lol, nope, won't help!  Hahah.  OKg is a non-profit for the OK area gaming; HxC is a for profit company helping gamers get sponsored, and events happen.  We overlap at events, and that used to be the only relation other than helping gaming in OK.  In the last few months Ricky has decided to volunteer with us to help see OKgamers better facilitate gaming in OKC, etc; thus the new overlap.  Otherwise yea, different :)



Trying to get an OKg meeting setup for 4/21 - if you two would weigh in on that date, maybe we could discuss that, and many other important things...


wpuld you mind if i attend this meeting ??

Sadly, we haven't had a Supporter that's even been interested in attending in so long, we haven't discussed it.  Passing it by staff now, will respond shortly.


OKgamers has had an anniversary event for years now; while the last one didn't go as 100% smoothly as we'd like it?  It was still a successful event that 350+ people enjoyed.

Now - we plan for 2013, and the keyword is Convention.
This anniversary tournament series has been great, but it needs to grow.  We achieve that through "Convention" status - more events, more casual gaming, gaming cosplay events, panels & workshops; etc.  A larger scope of people care, talk about it, etc.  HOWEVER?

Do we do a 1 day - or a 2 day?
1 day?  Is what we've been doing; we can host it at TCC Metro, who's already said yes.  We can expand into the surrounding area's for the new aspects, etc.  Cost will be kept low due to TCC's sponsorship, and we can know we will welcome the masses with ease.
  • Big Tournaments, and as a Convention, bigger sponsors
  • The same great quality of events, expanded into even more chance to get local exposure.  (Aka, Casual Events / "Convention" status spreads better than "Tournament")
  • Gaming Cosplay Event
  • Gaming related Panels

2 day?  A lot goes up in the air; TCC may not be able to support this; we've not met on it.  Also, with a 2 day event that change could be good, or bad:
  • If no TCC?  We may have to charge as much as $20 at the door - if you vote 2 day, you are saying you would attend, and will pay that.
  • If no TCC, we need a hotel; that is literally starting to talk a $20,000 budget to "do it right" - if the event fails because we go 2 day, it may cripple future events, period.
  • Yet, if no TCC - we may have a bit more flexible timeline; that said bumping it up to a convention may gain us that at TCC as well.
  • If no TCC - we could do it "not downtown", which seems to scare the un-initiated.  To be frank, TCC or our current Hotel choice?  Both are right off the BA Expressway / highway.
  • 2 days - means Tournament Finals will be on Sunday; locals will have to plan to have additional time invested, travelers will have to rent a hotel room.
  • TCC or at a hotel, we are close to hotels.

1 day can be rushed; stretching it out over 2 days causes gamers to part with more finances, which can be an issue.

Eventually, any event like this that grows will have to be 2 days.
However, going to a 2 day format too early could potentially hurt the event, even causing it to die out.
It's a big decision: we need to know what the public wants, so we can support it.


We'll be meeting and making plans in the next few weeks:  making decisions and locking in details for an event late March, 2013.  Please help arm us with what the public wants - vote, and share it with fellow gamers!

(Note, feel free to ask questions, point out things, etc in this thread - HOWEVER, if you DO NOT USE THAT LINK ABOVE AND VOTE, it's all for naught.)



Took your new thread as your "yea, it's just planning" - and then merged them.


Fighting Gamers / Re: KoF XIII & Mortal Kombat Rules
« on: March 31, 2012, 03:27:28 pm »
Not anytime soon.  These rules are just in general.

Next one here in OK is probably Tokyo in Tulsa anime convention late July lol

Well, - it's an open resource; you never know what'll get posted, etc.  You should probably set up a RSS feed / google news feed / etc if you have only one game you care about.

As for OKgamers Promotional Events - which include TnT - have dropped MK.  No Community Lead, no attendance, no reason to support it.

When it comes to fighters - several other titles are on the chopping block as well.  If we only have SF and MvC attendance, maybe that's all we should support?  Being discussed, anyway.


Tournament Planning and Hype / Re: Bomberman
« on: March 31, 2012, 03:21:35 pm »

Pretty retro; most competitive gamers don't dip into that; no scene, etc.

However - if you hook up with OVGE, that might be different due to retro being their target audience.



Trying to get an OKg meeting setup for 4/21 - if you two would weigh in on that date, maybe we could discuss that, and many other important things...


General Chat / Re: Anime.
« on: March 31, 2012, 03:11:52 pm »

TAO may only be active here now:

They may not be the group you want to join in Tulsa, but also will know of other groups.  I haven't attended in a while / kept up with the club scene, so I am not 100% sure.

Also, the TnT forums may give you some leads:


Settlers of Catan greatly interests me as I've heard a lot about it.

Yea, please do have another Catan event or two!  I was still 'recovering' lol, and missed the last one, but I know some people to send your way for any future events!


General Chat / Re: OKC game startup looking to hire
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:34:51 pm »

Great to know you guys are around!

I'll be sending you an email about some future opportunities as well.


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