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to get a picture w/ chuck nasty...i want it.

1: Denti
2: Kos-Mos
3: X_A
4: Triforce of Chozo
5: Zinth
5: Omega Blade
7: Kurohito
7: Ace
9: Free Hugs
9: Guy 2
9: FireM
9: Recks
13: Jeriahmiah
13: Nick
13: Anna
13: Solidus
17: Nayu3
17: Megatronix
17: Guy 1
17: Kuro
17: Pie Eatin' Panda
17: Azura
17: Coon
17: Artisan
25: Leland
25: Kruden
25: Absous

banning MK would kill most OOS showings.

i think we should follow mlg rules for this.

we are on the same page.

this wasn't even about 3rd place.  This all could have been avoided if you mentioned that the money that wasn't given as reward would go to mlg sponsership.  I'm never going to give my input again.

I have been to a healthy amount of events hosted by HxC.  I was going to ask what your last three events were.  Cause in most of your original posts, only first and second receive a reward.  I also know that at the opener that we had KS come (I want to say it was the last opener), only first and second got paid.

Anyways, it doesn't matter.  KS said they probably wouldn't go to another event here, and there is a carpool from dallas coming i believe.

i had something to say, but everything seems more or less settled.


150 for 1st 2nd 75 and 3rd gets money too?? dude if that is not enough you are just being inconsiderate

I have no idea what you're talking about.  Those amounts are not correct.  First is supposedly 100, second is supposedly 50, and third i dont think has gotten money ever since your 3rd promotional tournament.  (this is based on the threads i sifted through in the aftermarth forum)

Perhaps you could also fill us in on what these taxes you are talking about.  Because Saif/every TO manages to pull off a tournament without fixed pot amounts.

Thank you bassem for helping me define it better.  However, this situation is different.  This is a business running the tournament, so they have to profit somehow. 

I think I may have phrased it wrong.  We're used to having variable pots that are usually based on attendance.  Last opener, KS thought it was weird that 18 people came and the pot totaled $150.

if those are the actual prizes, i may be able to pull some people from Ks and dallas here.

lets go w/ MLG.  its what everybody else is going to. 

ill bring my wii and a copy of brawl w/ everything.  Timmy if you need to get characters and stuff i could get it done within the day if you're ever around norman.

the phase tournaments, although they are getting bigger and bigger, probably isn't the best place to go for stage lists.

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