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General Chat / New---Stillwater
« on: February 03, 2012, 11:28:05 am »
I have just discovered this site and I was noticing that in the forum's there are not locations to go by, so I thought I would start by asking who is in the Stillwater area and what the gamer preference (ie dnd, cards, computer, xbox, exc...). Also are there any lan gamers out there?

I have an xbox and live account where I play with a few of my buds.  I also am a pc gamer enthusiast:
AMD FX-8120 (stock cooler, I know...)
ASUS Crosshair Formula V
Ripjaw 8gb (2x4gb @1600mhz 9ms)
HIS HD 6950
Samsung 1tb @7200rpm
Blue Ray Burner
oddly I know it is missing a ssd and a better cooling system but that will change in time.  I also have done a little dnd, specifically 3.5 (I looked into 4.0 and don't care for it.)   

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