Author Topic: SFIV UI Mod I made (Minimal HUD)  (Read 1282 times)

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SFIV UI Mod I made (Minimal HUD)
« on: June 08, 2011, 03:42:32 pm »

I like minimal HUDs. I want to see the amazing graphics, not extra HUD filler.
I did not like the giant text "K.O" "You Win" "You Lose" "Fight" graphics.  So I lowered the Opacity of most of the results text and HUD.  The Super - Ultra bars are invisable untill they are active. all the extra detail is hidden.  the result is that now the important information stands out much better. 
The health bars are much more minimal. they are semi-useless, you try and win reguardless of how low your life is. so that bar is very small, I used to just play with it off before I made the Mod.
its nothing fancy, it only took about an hour to trim down the standard hud. 
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I purchased SF4 the first day it was released.  I still love playing it.   I never purchased the DLC Costumes, I really wasn't in a hurry for my KEN to look like a cowboy, and that other robe really wasn't any different. if anything it was just "pimp" which isnt my style.   I like his 'Gi' better.
But I might have to buy the DLC now, Im having fun Modding the graphics.
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I've been creating MOD Content since WolfED.exe and DoomED.exe.  Love to learn Maya and Zbrush also.

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Re: SFIV UI Mod I made (Minimal HUD)
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2011, 08:10:28 am »
lol @ the 3rd video

Only complaint as a player I have about the hud is I don't see when I'm about to get my next bar of meter.

Sometimes I can see I'm only 1 hit away from my next bar, and use the next hit I get to cancel straight into an EX move, etc