Author Topic: Come Geek Out at My Garage Sale - Selling Games, Toys, Comics, etc-6/30 Edmond  (Read 2746 times)

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Hey guys, I have been lurking here for a while and finally had the impetus to post.

I am having a garage sale and selling about 100 retro gaming items as well as about 200+ Star Wars items and lots of misc 80's & 90's toys and pop culture items.  We are due to have twins so I need to clear out some space and generate some cash!
Here's a partial list of what I've got - everything is priced at what I think are pretty good prices, but I'm always open for offers.
Original NES
 N64 with 3 games & 6 controllers, but no AV cord
 Sega Game Gear with 5 games
 Original Game Boy with 5 games
 Game Boy Color with a couple of games
 Loose NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Dreamcast games - nothing super rare, but a few decent games
 Very old (mid 70's) TV sports game - mint in box, pretty cool pre-console item
 NES Power Pad with Original Box
We are located in Trails North, just North of 2nd & Santa Fe in Edmond.  There will be a BIG neon green sign at the East side of the neighborhood, you can't miss it!