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: Tulsa- FREE "The Spoils" DRAFT- 5/8/10
: RedwithRage May 08, 2010, 02:08:47 AM
hey we are holding a free spoils draft at Wizards Asylum in Tulsa Oklahoma today so if any of u midwest city boys are still playin, or u Stilly boys arnt to bizzy graduating today come on out... if u'v never played thats cool too b/c we are running demos all day and we will be going over basic draft strategy for the game b4 the daft ... the shop number is 918-250-2077... i think we wanted to start around 4 but we can wait if u call ... ok cool see u there ... or not :-/ (we think we are gonna have about (16ish people but we want more!)

when u say "JUDGE" im your man!

[email protected] N3rdy kids
Red Craig
: Re: Tulsa- FREE "The Spoils" DRAFT- 5/8/10
: X_A May 10, 2010, 03:36:02 AM

Hey, since the date passed I'll go ahead and move it to the Aftermath forum.

Next time - if you've got a set date, time, location and at least one game set - you can post in the Tourny and Events forum - you had the thread title properly formatted, so thought I'd point that out!

Oh, and most gamers check the site weekly - so giving a week or two notice is always a good thing as well!