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: Tulsa - Monsterpocalypse at Tokyo in Tulsa - June 18-20, 2010
: zbunn24 June 11, 2010, 01:32:06 PM
We have the privilege of running demoes and hosting an event at Tokyo in Tulsa on the release weekend of Big in Japan (the fourth set in the Monsterpocalypse Miniatures game). We just released a new part of our site geared for people who know nothing about Monsterpocalypse, so if you are interested in a miniatures game that pits kaiju against kaiju in a battle for the planet, check out:

http://monsterpocalypsethemovie.com (http://monsterpocalypsethemovie.com)

We will be hosting demoes and a tournament at Tokyo in Tulsa next weekend so be sure and stop by for a free demo of the game. Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!


http://teamcovenant.com (http://teamcovenant.com)