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So what's the word so far? Any idea of how many people it will be? Is it still 4v4 or what?

Hey guys, I can't go to the tourney. Amp, this is mainly for you. Sorry I never ran games with you, some stuff happened with my family, so I am unable to go to the tournament.

I'll probably go. Add Oh Chemist if anyone wants to run games with me.

What's the equipment situation? What do we need to bring? Will it be split-screen? Will it be v8? How will you handle Foundry maps?

I have a to3 for the tournament. If anyone wants to run games with us, add Oh Chemist.

I think this should honestly be a 2v2 tournament. If you split the prize money in four, not that many people will show up for 25$. Seriously think about that please.

lol Wally, you just want it to be a 2v2 so you and Lefty can go own everyone.

I'll go if I can find three other people.


Well Riiot, maybe he's not familiar with forums?  I mean hey, we all start somewhere :)

Broke my collarbone at baseball practice yesterday so count me out.
definetly 4v4 for halo 3 everyone on my friends list wants to do it in the oklahoma area and 2v2s are fun but we have been waiting for 4v4 seriously! i couldn't find the poll to vote if there was one but i and about 10+ would agree 4v4!

Actually, right now 8 would agree.  Here is the poll:,2791.0.html



Why did you quote my broken collarbone comment to say that?

Broke my collarbone at baseball practice yesterday so count me out.

Tournament Planning and Hype / Re: Halo, 2v2 or 4v4
« on: January 26, 2010, 12:21:04 pm »
It seems like more people would show to a 2v2.

I call B.S on the Bionic Hideaway Man...we had Domino's.

Dude that homeless couple outside of McDonald's HAD to have been semi-pro or something!

ehhhh I was until Saif was really cool, and I didn't want one incidence to be the cause of me completely leaving the forums.

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