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Alright guys, tonights the night. Keep in mind the address I gave you is for the church, but the event is being held in the house in the field next to the church, we'll have a sign facing the highway and a sign facing the church to help you figure it out. We're still rocking 4 T.V.s, but they're fairly large so splitscreen shouldn't be a problem. If you want better call-out clarity PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HEADSET! Also, IF YOU HAVE ONE YOU PREFER PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER. WE'RE DOWN ONE CONTROLLER, SO AT LEAST ONE PERSON NEEDS TO BRING ONE! That's all I got, I'll be the guy holding the mic.

Here's to hoping all goes smoothly.

Much Love,


Alright TRIPLE POST FTW!!!! For those of you who have partial teams/by yourself we'll have two sign-up sheets: one for full teams, one for partials. Also, this is a learning experience for us and we want it to be as awesome as it possibly can be and hopefully make it a reoccuring thing. Let us know what we can do to improve and try not to want to murder us to bad when we mess something up.

OK, so, nothing really in dire straights as far as updating, but if you want to bring your equipment in feel free to do so, we'll keep adding stuff until we blow the breaker box. Also, we can do a Super Smash tourney if you want. I think we have 2 copies and 2 N64's. I'll let you set that up if you want. I'll give it it's own space so you can do what you will with it.

Once again...SUPER PUMPED....Just gotta power through the ACT tomorrow morning and I'm ready for some Halo.


4 V 4 is still rockin, if necessary we'll split it up, but it is what it is (for those of you who hate that saying I'm sorry). Still starting at 7, but there's not defined end time, we'll run until we're done if necessary. I'm super excited! I just posted this as quickly as possible before going back to ACT study, I will review the above posts and post back in a sec.

Much Love,


It's best to take Amplified out as well, on split screen the map is shiny.

Will do. Thanks for the tip senor.

Yeah one of my friends used to be a Health Inspector and he had to watch a video of a guy at Denny's releasing his "Happy Time Gravy" into the regular gravy. At the time he told me this he was cooking church dinner, which included mash potatoes and gravy....needless to say I went home with an empty stomach.

Articles and Reviews / Re: EA'S "Project Ten Dollar"
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:41:45 pm »
Eh, slightly irritating. Generally the only EA games I buy are sports games and thus I don't buy a lot of DLC. However, I only rented DA:O and bought some DLC for it, I should have just bought it. Since renting I've picked it up off the GameStop shelf multiple times only to return it. If I have to spend and extra ten dollars, like I said it's just a slight annoyance.

Articles and Reviews / Re: Dragon Age: Origins
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:39:33 pm »
DA is an amazing game. It doesn't have all the pizaz as Mass Effect 2, but it certainly works. Tons of fun to play, the places in which the story takes place are vibrant and lively and the many Origin stories create tons of replay-ability. If they put as much effort into DA:O 2 as they did ME 2, it will be AMAZING 6 out of 5! But that's just because I like fantasy games.

General Chat / Re: WELCOME to - How'd you hear about us?
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:35:42 pm »
The wonderful world of Google, this site was a revelation to me.

Sorry for the long wait to respond, but I just signed up for a week long online class. I'm behind badly, I have to finish by Wednesday, I started yesterday. Right now I'm at 60% completion. So, on to important stuff, gaming.


TVs - We have 4 32" LCD TVs. They will be played on split screen if we stick with the 4 v 4 idea. They're good TVs that shouldn't cause any problems.

XBOXs - We have 4 of these as well. They're all in good condition, and new, so let's cross our fingers and wish the RROD bon voyage. We'll be using HD Component, so we can connect each one to the switchbox (more on that in a second).

Controllers - We have I 8 (if some of our friends aren't stingy). However, nearly all of them are wireless, if you have a controller you prefer, PLEASE BRING IT. Like if you prefer wired, or just want to show off your sexy custom controller, or you want to make sure the controller feels right to you, but we have back-ups just in case.

Other Consoles - We will have a couple PS3s and a Wii that you can play around on while you're waiting for your next turn. Games like NBA 2K10, (Possibly Red Dead if we get enough PS3s), Brawl, etc. We're even gonna break out some N64s for games like Super Smash. So that'll be there if you want it.

Spectator Mode - We have a sexy projector screen that we will be displaying gameplay from two players at a time. This is why we're using component, we have splitters (similar to those used with capture cards) that will enable us to split the HD cables into the TV and a switchbox. The switchbox sends the signals into the projector, I'll be hanging around to see which players are hot at the time and switch to their POV. Also, there sound will be on the big speakers, so feel free to bring your headset if you don't want to hear that. Essentially, we have a very similar set-up to MLG, if any of you are familiar with that.

Gametypes - We will be using V8. With Heretic replacing the Foundry variants except for Amplified, because it's sexy IMO.

Tournament Format - When you arrive there'll be 5 sign-up sheets (FIVE WHA?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!) four of them are for people who came without a team. Each will titled differently, "Main Slayer", "Objective", "Support", "All-Around", and "Four Man Team". Sign up on the appropriate section for you and we'll find you a team, unless you show up with one, in which case, you play with them. 4 v 4 single elimination, with a first to 4 series, which will play out in gametypes like Slayer, CtF, Slayer, Oddball...if it goes into starts over again.

Reasons why $25 bucks isn't that bad - So, yeah I know it's not a ton of money, but it's free to enter, no risk at all. You can play other games.You get to prove your dominance. You can win a door prize for extra money. Free Food and Drinks. The reason we only have this amount of money is that we want this to be a service, not something where people pay to play. We want to put this on for you guys. The way we came upon this money was one of us sold our Wii on Craigslist. Yes, needless to say the grandma who bought him the Wii was kinda upset. If nothing else, just come and enjoy yourself.

The Day of -  The address I gave you is of the church next to the house. To be upfront, the four of us who came up with this are Christian dudes, but we're not here to proselytize you. We just wanted to host an event we would want to go to. So, if you pull up and see a church, don't be like, HOLY **** RUN!!!!!!! Just go next door into the field and come into the house.

Any other ideas, questions, or suggestions can be directed to me here or on XbL: EZCO inCHAINS. Or just feel free to F/R me. I'll be at the BA GameStop at the UFC tourney this Saturday if anyone wants to come and hang out. Just thought I'd throw that in there, I'll be wearing a green Skelly Serves shirt.

And before this becomes more and more like a Match. com profile I'll peace out...back to the grindstone.

Thanks for the support guys,


General Chat / Re: LED-LCD or Plasma?
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:43:48 pm »
Yeah, Plasmas are great, but I really need my T.V. to last me a while. I'm young and kinda strapped for cash. My LCD is light years beyond my SDTV and that's what matters to me. As far as sound quality goes, I too use a headset.

General Chat / Re: Can Gamers Cook
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:41:37 pm »

This. And some actual food, like Pesto chicken with bow-tie pasta.

General Chat / Re: Red Dead Redemption
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:39:18 pm »
Yeah, I played it briefly at a friend's house (I'm a little strapped for cash right now  ;) ) and it was tons of fun. There are so many things you can do, from playing as a noble man of the law to racking up a $5000 bounty. When you just wanna mess around, you've got free roam, but it even has a good competitive multi-player system.

General Chat / Re: Anyone ? Ipad question
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:35:57 pm »
Yeah it just seems kind of weak to me. It's a cool impulse buy, but it's not something I'd spend my money on. It just seems like your getting parts of an iPod and parts of the Laptop...without some important factors.

My friends and I are hosting a Halo 3 4 v 4 tourney June 12th. It's completely free and you have a chance to win $100. We have 4 32" T.V.s and 4 XBOXs. We're even running the XBOX A/V cables through a switcher so we can project one of the T.V.s onto our projector screen for spectating. Also, there will be snacks and other game systems throughout the building to relax while you wait on your next match. Feel free to message me on here or on XbL: EZCO inCHAINS. Thanks guys, here's the rest of the details.

Saturday, June 12, 2010
7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Skelly Drive Youth House
8504 E Skelly Dr. 74129
Tulsa, OK

June 12th starting at the Skelly Drive Youth House we will be holding a Halo 3 tournament. Feel free to RSVP and tell us if you have a team of 4 ready. If not we'll put you on a team on the 12th. There will also be other consoles spread throughout the house for relaxing while waiting for your next match.

1st PLACE TEAM: $100
2nd PLACE TEAM: $40

Plus, Food and Drinks.


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