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whoever said that was a joke, I called my uncle to tell him not to purchase the ufc fight i wasnt going to get out early enough. what is walter 23 trying to tell me lets take it outside to a 17 year old. Umad bro, he had to know he was wrong and that he was pissed like usually from losing i suggest getting use to it. And then the invalid point of him not playing anymore then don't talk ish or show up at tournaments if you dont play anymore, I'm still going to run all over you.
edit- icecream,instinct,yeaboi, pestilince all stoodout to me. gg

Kaddy i was the one who said this in less you call your uncle mom you were on the phone with her. and as a side note kiddy not all people with curly hair are clowns,

i live in Norman and i play brawl quite often if there is a Norman crew i would info about it and if not i would like to try to get one going

I did the same thing i believe that you can unlock him from running a set amount because after we got sonic we got a trophy for running a set amount i just llooked cheak and see if u got the tails trophy

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