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friend with a van is silly and made plans yesterday and today, but we will be up there tomorrow! thanks again :D

i think tomorrow would be good for me, if you guys are available. pretty much had to wait for a friend with a van to tell me he could halp XD

but yeah, tomorrow or even wednesday would be fine...and we could definitely return them early next week :D

just re-pm me a number/address and the best time(s) to pick them up this week and it should be all groovy and good to go!
tournament is going to be slick, i hope some tulsites(?) and some casuals from the city come check it out to at least watch some finals craziness.

Good stuff.. Ill get the word out... Tell sars!

sars will unfortunately be home in new orleans during this :(
do you think HxC would be interested in lending us some CRTs again?
this is going to be bigger and better than the first one, pulling out all the stops and trying to get as many sponsors as possible :D
You darn skippy  you guys can borrow them.. BUT you have to come get em. Deal?

sounds excellent. want to re-pm me the number to call or address to come to? i guess the best time to get them would be the week after the next hxc event? and yeah, we'll be throwing your logo on our poster then if you don't mind any  ;)

also, teaser video here: Intimikill 2 Teaser

Good stuff.. Ill get the word out... Tell sars!

sars will unfortunately be home in new orleans during this :(
do you think HxC would be interested in lending us some CRTs again?
this is going to be bigger and better than the first one, pulling out all the stops and trying to get as many sponsors as possible :D

holy ♥♥♥♥, billy shanx?

just thought i'd throw this up there, the SSBB results:

1: Dphat (Texas)
2: Bassem (Olkahoma)
3: Domo (Kansas)
4: DMG (Texas)
5: Deezy
5: Zinth
7: FK
7: Kos-Mos
9: type ex
9: Light
9: Holms
9: Affinity
13: the real inferno
13: Dave
13: Clel
13: Zeton
17: Hyper
17: shuz
17: Lionheart
17: fatty fat fatso
17: Shade
17: Sars Pirate
17: Hazygoose
17: Codisius son
25: Shoes Magoo
25: Fling
25: Marc
25: Boose
25: Jordan Davis
25: jon brost
25: Bridge's son

1: dphat dmg
2: bassem young deezy
3: squat and goblin (inferno holms)
4: domo clel
5: natural born killers (zinth sarspirate)
5: not luck. predetermined destiny (Shuz and Light)
7: 2d 3d rape (Dave and Zeton)
7: saber affinity (Kos-Mos and Affinity)
9: big stick (Type_EX and Shade_)
9: 4rce fatty fat fatso (team ***** CRUSHERS!)

and pictures of the brackets for those interested:

kind of busy busy busy with work the next couple of days but starting wednesday i'll be editing and uploading a ton of videos, many with commentary :D so expect that link soon, too.

Hazygoose, out.

copy and pasted all the new information. lol, whoops, looks like a lot of the coding doesn't match up from the original forums this was posted in but i'll clean that up later.
i'll be in contact with HxC about the tvs and just general supporting each other's events...ness; it was good to meet whoever i did at the brawl/halo tournament. i was the one running brawl brackets/recording/streaming/etc.

lots of new players committed to coming, both in- and out-of-state. :D
hope to see some okgamers representation, still! less than a month away!

don't forget: free parking, no venue fee, housing for those who need it, tons of time for friendlies, a tekken 6 setup, PA system/projectors/more for clear and easy organization for both the TOs and the competitors, two of the top 5 captain falcon players in america, at least 3 recording setups...i could go on and on but you see the point - it will be amazing! :D the OU locals will be there, i want to see OKC and tulsa peeps too. lots of new players committed to coming, both in- and out-of-state. hope to see some okgamers representation, still! less than a month away!

also, for anyone coming, we could use a couple more TVs and a few more console/game disc setups!

long live hxc! also, did you see my message, timmy? i sent you one but it's totally not in my outbox so i have no idea if it went through or not.

paul valley's coming, and more arizona kids.
going to be a huge turnout, come have some fun :D

there should also be 1 blazblue/tekken 6 setup

bump, yet 1 more date change, this time it is finalized.
hope to see peeps there, got a sponsorship already (no venue fee!) and pa system/projector/other cool stuff to make the tournament run quite smoothly. OKC better represent and come give norman a challenge, and better yet show those out-of-staters who's boss!

tournament moved to the 21st for now. date will be finalized by the weekend. :D

i'd like to talk to HxC about our tournies. since we're no longer holding our events simultaneously, i'd like to try and garner some additional OU/norman attention towards your tournament on the 7th, and will probably be there too :D
i've been a melee TO host for a long time and am up for helping however i can. hopefully you guys can make it out to intimikill now, too ^.^

[COLOR="lime"][SIZE="4"]Melee in the Southwest, wut?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, OHSNAP [Oklahoma Hosts Smash: Need a Pummelling?]  was a series of oklahoma melee tournaments hosted by various TOs, namely myself and RastaImposta. But, just as the southwest smash scene had evolved to Brawl, so too did the tournament series.

However! Melee is far from dead in Oklahoma, new players have shown their faces, and more and more veterans have come out of the woodwork wondering what happened to the melee tournament scene in the SW. Scud and I took this as a prompt and present to you the first Oklahoma melee tournament in 3 years, and hopefully the start of a continuing series:

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Intimikill[/COLOR][/SIZE]: to end the life of an opponent completely with mindgames; to kill without any physical interaction.

With this project I hope to see more than just texas and kansas again, but some midwest and midsouth buddies. now...on to some specifics

Intimikill will take place at the Oklahoma University student union, first floor. There will be free parking; instructions will come later. The address for the Oklahoma Memorial Union is:
[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]900 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73019[/SIZE][/COLOR]

There will be NO VENUE FEE :D

we are currently in need of both televisions and systems (both wiis and gamecubes will be acceptable). the union should be providing two moderately sized televisions. since melee players are always prepared, though, i am confident this need will dwindle quickly.

1) Scud
2) Po Pimpus
3) Jace
4) [Sars Pirate]
5) [OU Union]
6) [OU Union]
7) [HxC]
8) [HxC]
9) [HxC]
10) [HxC]
11) [HxC]
12) [HxC]
13) [HxC]

1) Hazygoose
2) Scud
3) Po Pimpus
4) Jace
5) Lil Will
6) Keroku
7) G. Vice
8) NES Noob
9) King GT
10) Bounogun
11) Bounogun

Housing is not insured, but will be very abundant. The system is first come first serve, essentially. i will update this thread soon with local hotel links, but as it stands, most every OOSer should get free housing :D

[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Housing Requested[/COLOR]

[COLOR="seagreen"]Housing Provided[/COLOR]


Singles - random: Yoshi's Story, Fountain of Dreams, Pokemon Stadium, Battlefield, Final Destination, Dreamland 64
Singles - counter-pick: Rainbow Cruise, Brinstar, Kongo Jungle 64, Corneria

Doubles - random: Yoshi's Story, Rainbow Cruise, Pokemon Stadium, Battlefield, Final Destination, Dreamland 64
Doubles - counter-pick: Jungle Japes, Brinstar, Kongo Jungle 64, Corneria

all stages not in their respective categories are to be considered banned.

[COLOR="seagreen"]Match/Set Rules[/COLOR]

*All players are to begin all matches with 4-stock, with items off, on an 8-minute timer.
*All sets are best 2/3, excluding loser's quarter-finals, loser's semi-finals, loser's finals, winner's semi-finals, winner's finals, and grand finals (both sets), which will be best 3/5.
*The first stage in each set, unless agreed upon, must be chosen at random.
*Each player may strike 1 stage to be chosen by random. This stage will be legal to be chosen as a counter-pick by either player, however.
*Additionally, each player may strike 1 stage from the set. This stage may be a random. Stage strikes are to be announced after both players finalize their character choices. A double-blind character pick may be called by either player at any time before the first match.
*Counter-picking will be in standard Advanced Slob format: loser chooses stage, winner chooses character, loser chooses character.
*Dave's Stupid Rule: no stage may be counter-picked by a player that previously won on it in the set, unless agreed upon by both players.
*Modified controllers, and third-party controllers with turbo or slow capabilities are banned.
*Stall tactics and glitches are both banned. You know what they are.
*Wobbling is banned.
*A 10-minute grace period will be allowed after matches are called. If a party does not arrive at his or her match within that time, he or she will be disqualified from the set,
*Additional teams rules: lifestealing will be allowed, and team attack will be ON.

[COLOR="seagreen"]Entry fees[/COLOR]
singles: $15 per person
doubles $20 per team


[COLOR="Lime"][SIZE="4"]Additional Information[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Temporary schedule: Singles pools, Doubles bracket, Singles bracket, Draft crews
if there is enough representation, or if this tournament extends to 2-days due to participation/hype, low-tier singles and doubles will be included for a minimal price (probably $5/$10 for singles/doubles).

Norman, Oklahoma is within driving/roadtrip distance of some of my favorite places!
Dallas: less than 3 hours
Kansas City: 5 hours
San Antonio/Austin/Houston/ Lincoln: within 7 hours
Memphis/ St. Louis: under 8 hours

If there are any questions, please contact Hazygoose or Scud, or post here in this thread :D

[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Intended attendees:[/COLOR]

Po Pimpus
Lil Will
King GT
Rasta Imposta


NES Noob



(5-7 others)

Turnip Tosser

Thread Archives / Re: Trying to get some torunaments together in MWC!
« on: August 21, 2007, 03:28:18 am »
aww man. i'll be in connecticut by the time of the SSBM tournament.

my advice about tekken 5:
don't hold a tournament.

both these forums and tekken zaibatsu (the SWF of tekken) are basically empty when it comes to oklahoma.
maybe king of fighters, soul caliber 3, or virtua fighter 5 would get a better response.
i think, however, no other fighting game has that large of a crowd here, and you'd be better off sticking to guitar hero 2 or something.
i dunno. either way, good luck with these tournies, poptart. i know for a fact the GoW and melee participation will be off the charts so long as people can sell the ideas at their highschools and colleges, since i know a lot of people on these boards go to one or the other.

Thread Archives / Re: SSBM Official Rules
« on: March 11, 2007, 05:31:38 pm »
team attack off= chaos and misuse of projectiles
i like team attack on.

there's only one thing that i would request to be changed.

"9. No stage may be used twice in a Best of 3 Series."

a stage should just not be able to be counter-picked by the person who previously won on it. if someone thinks they can pull out a win on a stage they just lost on, i don't see why they wouldn't be able to try it. it's not unfair if they lost again, they would have done it to themself. i dunno, it just seems logical to me, but yeah.

Thread Archives / Re: SSBM monthlies
« on: February 11, 2007, 03:46:27 pm »

read the first post.

if you want to come/need my address for saturday, just post here and i'll PM it

Thread Archives / SSBM monthlies
« on: January 15, 2007, 06:28:08 pm »
so, starting sometime on february, we are hoping to start monthly state tournaments for super smash brothers melee, hosted by the legendary Po Pimpus (the pimpest luigi).

i'm wondering who, besides vegafuse or zinth, would be interested in participating?
the venue would most likely be located in norman or OKC...we're currently looking for a cheap place to do it, so yeah.

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