Author Topic: Stillwater OK L5R CCG Charity Tournament 7/25 Noon at Alternate Realities  (Read 2320 times)

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"Solving the Riddle" L5R CCG Charity Tournament

The CCG is constructed. First prize is a three piece matching daishio set with stand. (NICE) Thanks to Sean Skaggs for picking out a cool prize from our friends at Scotsman's Blades here in Stillwater. The charity is cancer research as the tournament is know as the "Solving the Riddle" tournament and is theme charity tournament held by L5R fans across the country to help out with solving the riddle of a cure for cancer. 5 dollars of your fee goes to prize support (and I'll throw goodies at all the way to 4th place on this one) and the other 10 goes to the charity.

Also note that evening there is an L5R Saga LARP which is connected to the Linked L5R LARP Network.
It starts at 7pm.

Located at Alternate Realities in Stillwater, OK

205 S Main
Stillwater, OK 74074

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