Author Topic: Norman - Tetris & Tetris Attack OU Animation Society Puzzle Challenge - 3/5/2011  (Read 1611 times)

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Every year the OU Animation Society holds a tetris trounament to kick off the spring semester. This year we are adding Tetris Attack
  • Tetris
  • Tetris Attack
  • Bring your own: Bust a Move, Puyo Pop, Marvel vs Capcom 3

University of Oklahoma
TV Lounge on the basement level of the union (South Entrance)
900 Asp Ave. #428
Norman, OK 73069
Google Map

Entry Fee
$2 Tetris (70/30 split)
$1 Tetris Attack 100% to winner.

March 5th
3:00 PM Tentatively. Checkback after Wednesday to get exact time.
We are running the Tetris/Dr Mario SNES ROM on laptops, XBOX controllers or other (decent) usb controllers are needed.

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