Author Topic: Looking for these smash bros players from TCC event last month.  (Read 1618 times)

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Hey guys, over at smashboards we are compiling an active melee players list and getting a live facebook group going (the kind that allows global chat between all smashers in real time) Facebook group can be found here:

I'm looking for all of these guys, especially those from Midwest City and Witchita Falls.

 Sylv (especially you we need a good Spacy player)
 Austin Payne
 Tommy McMillin
 Aaron Johnson Bic
 Lucas Dewoody
 Justin Lane
 Dillon Flood
Clayton Wickline

All the smash bros activities around OK should be visible on this facebook group.
You can also join the conversation about smash in OK and see our plans in the making over at smashboards:

I know forums seem daunting, but just signup and go to the last page of the oklahoma thread to see whats going on if you feel like it. Feel free to post, just let us know who you are and you'll be met with a warm reception. We have about 20 active metro melee players right now, were dividing into crews for some metro competition so keep in touch!