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Are you a Business or Venue owner in Oklahoma? Please read this!



If this is your first time to the site, welcome to! If you've been here for a while, welcome still ;)

We are asking if your a business owner - because we are setting aside a special forum just for the business owners, venue owners, and also business sponsors of the site!  We want to have a location you can:

Discuss changes, or site improvements. We understand if you've got a concern, and we want to have a place you can share it.

Talk business.  Maybe you need tips running your next tournament?  Maybe you simply want to find out from other business owners how it's gone for them. 

Work with other business owners.  Sure we love working with you, but we want you to be able to work directly with each other, and are more than happy to have a forum for you to do so.

And more.

Also, we are putting together materials proactively - to help you in this efforts to throw events and tournaments in Oklahoma.  We'll do whatever we can to help you, because it helps gamers, and makes Oklahoma a better place for everyone.

So!  Once you've found us on the internet, or finally signed up for that forum account, let us know via email or a PM, aka private message!  That way we can give your account the privileges to see the business owners forum, and we can work towards a common goal - making Oklahoma a better place for gamers, and you!


A word on Businesses working with - is a "win win" for business owners.  Why?  Free promotion, resources, and structure to businesses interested.  Why do we offer it?  It all works towards our goal - to improve Oklahoma.

Promotion?  We provide this site and it's forums as a place, free of charge, to promote and publicize your events, and services.  Got a event your throwing?  Post about it in our events and tournaments, it'll go up on every page of the main site, and be in our forums that see more traffic every day.  Heck, we even actively go out and promote the site, and your events as they are posted - all we ask?  You take a few minutes to post your events and tournaments.  And, that when you post you format your 'subject' or thread title as "City it's in" - "Name of the event / games played" - "Date of the event". So - an example would look like:

Tulsa - Joe Momma's Pizza Guitar Hero 2 Tournaments - February 3rd, 2007

This keeps the site and most important forum we have streamlined, and easier to use.

Resources?  We have been throwing tournaments, for a long time.  You need help planning one out?  We'll do as much as we can to aid you in that task.  You concerned about having enough people to run your event?  We have a tournament staff dedicated to improving Oklahoma - we'll see if we can't provide that extra man power.  Are you new to this, and want a overall picture?  We are currently working on a write up to help aid you in this, something to review and understand start to finish what all this is about.

Structure?  We've got a great thing going here, but sometimes people worry about what can go wrong.  "What if people try and 'flame' my location, or speak ill of our business?"  OKgamers is not a business critiquing site.  We have no interest in providing anything but the best environment for gamers and businesses to get the word out about their events and tournaments.  On, we have moderators specifically here to keep the forums productive for all, and make sure no 'flaming' or venue bashing happens.  We know you have alot on your plate; and appreciate you taking your time to come and post about your events so others know about it, and so the site can do what it should - be a place where that information is centralized.  We also know people think very little before saying things on the internet sometimes.  As a result, we will not allow flaming, you have our word.  We aim to maintain an environment to benefit gamers, and the businesses that throw the events and tournaments around Oklahoma we enjoy!  Pure and simple. 

If ever you have any other concerns?  Things not covered yet in our structure?  You let us know via the Business Owners forum, or by PM, or contact form.  We are here - to improve Oklahoma.  BUT - we cannot do it without the successful cooperation of business owners like yourself.  We know this, and we want to keep the site efficient, and effective - your feedback to improve that is always welcome.

Thank you for using the site, and thank you - for helping to improve Oklahoma!



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