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Sup, so I guess I'll start this out.

My name is Saif, and somehow, I'm a gamer.  I found out even if you only play one game, your still a gamer.  Who knew!

I play Soul Calibur, Smash 64 some, and that's about it.  I do this cause I enjoy helping my community, and figure if I can give the entire state a helping hand, why not.

I answer to X A, Alpha, X ALPHA, XianghuaALPHA and just about anything that starts with S when properly slurred lol.  Of all of them, I guess I prefer X A.  

I got the title XianghuaALPHA from the fact I learned X - a character in Soul Calibur 1 on, and was taught by 'Dr_Xianghua' - so taggin on ALPHA made sense.  6+ years later, it's just stuck, and I don't want to change it lol.  And X A - it's simple enough.

Pretty much sums the rest of me up.


What should you post here?  Well we are already assuming you've gone to the Local Competition forum found the game threads your interested in and posted [and of course, if you didn't find what games you were interested in, read the read me and started your own.]  So why post here?

Well post here to let everyone else get to know you.  Post your games your interested in, and your various webstuff / a picture or such, and if you have a established handle or title, what's up with that.  


Well to start off my name is Pinkie. There's no story behind the nickname so don't ask just call me Pinkie. I love my name and hope to keep it forever.

I play any game I can get my hands on. Right now I'm playing Halo 2 [like always], Oblivion, and BF2 for PC with all expansions. I love playing any game really as long as it's not completely horrible.

I appreciate video games for what they are. I have played them all my life and plan on getting into the industry making them and what-not.

I really enjoy playing with new people and making new friends. Live name is IxCptMorganxI. Message me, e-mail me or something and we can set up LANS, tournys, or just play for a bit.


Name: Hollywood; Story: Crap. Born in SoCal and moving to Oklahoma with my longish dyed blond hair, clean face I adorned the nickname from others as "Hollywood" Now when I let that go (ie: Hair turns brown, rubbish on my face, and whatnot) I normally get "Hippy" or "Hooligan" Eh, go figure.

Game type: Casual gamer. I normally play all if not most games somewhat. Kind of the "Jack of all trades" type. I'll pick up a controller and play a game decent, but hardly excell at any. Starting playing Soul Calibur 2 at work a year or so ago and then meeting you X_A, picked up the controller for SC 3 when it was launched. Guitar Hero = same. Bought it after everyone and their effin momma was playing it, again not even close to excelling.

Games: Smash 64, SC3, Mario- anything. World of Warcraft (Thunderlord, Horde, Sorbo)

Name: Joshua
Age: 30
Game Type: Mainly an old-school 2D fighter man.  I pretty much lived at Funhouse in the early 90's playing whatever incarnation of Street Fighter was popular at the time.  I could tell you all kinds of old-man stories about that place.  My main games are Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo and Alpha 2.  I consider myself a retro gamer since I find more enjoyment plaing games from my youth.

What ho, fellow Okie gamers! As you can see, I go by Gouf Custom, due to my favorite mobile suit from Gundam evarz. Ahem. Sorry for that.

Games I play: I dabble in pretty much everything. Lotta RPGs, dabble in strategy games (not very good, though), mainly play shooters in a competetive setting. Fighters I usually suck at. And by that statement, I mean I suck at Street Fighter 2. However, I'm pretty decent at Smash Bros., getting kinda decent at Narutimate Hero 3 (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 when it's domestically release), but am best at Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 (Clash of the Ninja 4, when domestically released).

Kinda funny. Hollywood was born in SoCal and came here, I was born here and go to school there.


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