Author Topic: New Tabletop RPG Group in Tulsa: Pathfinder/DnD, Dark Heresy, and more!  (Read 2052 times)

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Hey guys!  Me n' a few friends have been gaming together for a while, but this pesky thing called 'life' has caught up with quite a few of our players and pulled them away from tabletop gaming.  Because of this, we're looking to add some new people to our gaming group!  We'll be gaming Wednesday or Thursday nights either from 6-10 or 8-midnight, whichever works out better with everyone's schedule, and we have two dedicated DMs that we cycle through to prevent burnout - maybe one runs a leg of a DnD campaign, then the other runs some Dark Heresy or Burning Wheel.

We have 3 people in our group (2 willing to DM) who are very consistent, and are looking for 2 to 4 more.  Shoot me a message here on the OKGamers forums if you're interested, and make sure to include some means of contacting you outside of this site, whether it's an email, phone #, or whatever.

Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. We typically play at an apartment on 51st and Lewis that has a massive gaming table and plenty of resources.