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I don't know,i'm not in middle school. I am in high school and i have a 4.13 GPA.If i want to talk proper english, i can. I was typing too fast, and i didn't feel like having to go back and check everything. How about you hop off my nuts and get a life ♥♥♥

      “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry”

Second wind is

Let's be civil
evo iz pro

Yo im a F/A for this event now so i need a decent team.I play smart and call out good.Il sing a Miley Cryus song if you let me join your team!!
GT:JoRsKy Jor SsKY
They don't have to do anything ill sing miley cyrus

We could sing it together!!
Im sorry but im a solo artist

Only in the bedroom elmo lol

I hate to say it Oklahomies, but there will be no games ended early this time.

I can bring a copy ;)

All i gotta say is that we didn't drop kaddy because of skill.  hes a good player and a really solid team should pick him up.  He just doesn't fit our play style.  And be ready for a team thats practiced together for this next tourny!  8)

Haha and we have all already decided that soundout isnt alowed to have party leader

whos my team :o
Hey good job at the tournament I was really impressed. Why is there so many free agents? Here's my personal opinion. Teams should stick together as much as possible. Win lose or draw, that's how you get better. Figure out what puzzle is missing. Chemistry and strats beats skills any day! Death Effect is a good example every tournament they progress more and more! Kudos to them also.

What he said.  There are many good individual players, but unless you stay together, *cough* chad and kaddy *cough*, you won't win at 4s.  What most kids don't realize or even know is that I have teamed with jon, kale and grant at many tourneys, but it was for h2.  When H3 became popular though, I was taken off the team.  What got us through this tournament was our history together.  I feel like I don't do all the pretty stuff like the 3 of them do, but you better be darn sure someone is timing things well on your team because if you're not, I'm gonna be there waiting.  I bring the intangibles that keep things from getting out of control.  As long as you know what each other bring to the table, thats less you have to try and do on your own, sticking together is the only way to figure that out.  People can change teams as much as they want, but if you notice, the same 3 kids keep winning locals, Walter, DrViper and G Wade, regardless of who their 4th is.  And experience is the reason.  

BTW!  If anyone wants to watch the finals of the HXC Tourney this weekend, I have the last 5 games in my fileshare from g wades pov.  GT: The Real McCool

Ok how are you going to say me and kaddy when we formed the team that you saw at the tourney on thursday and played two games that night and that was our only practice for the tourney? We didnt go to the lan on friday at raiders bc i had three basketball games that day. And we werent even going to keep kaddy but zach had to work so we arent techincally breaking up since we werent even going to go with kaddy so ha.  :P  GG's BTW and did you get my message on live?

your so good chaddddd your the best ever have fun getting 3rd place dream team :-*
everyone watch the games see who plays for stats and see who plays to win
Is this kid joking? You are the dumbest player i have ever teamed with, you have a pretty decent br ill give you that but you were by far the dumbest player out of both teams in the finals. You have no idea what you are doing, you listened to steel when he said os was up and you waited for like forty seconds lmao. We had to carry you through the finals. Im done you are not even worth my time, and as far as THe Dream team that is just our team name dont be jealous cuss we couldnt have that title when you were on the team lol.

Ohp! Gottem

Kaddy I wish you the best of luck in the next tourny ;)

The third place halo 3 team was:

Mr FairpIay
Lets Be Civil
Kaddy54 (hes so short you can't see him in the picture)

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