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So what is the payout format for sf4AE? 70/20/10? Is it going to be played on xbox or ps3? What is the tournament format? Need more info on rules please

what do you mean when u say finals will be streamed the following day? so is this a 2 day tournament?

Please tell me there are going to be joe mommas coupons again this year

okay so im sure everyone already knows about the ok vs ark 5v5 in marvel. but ive been hearing that other states want to get in on it too. can someone elaborate on that if they know. which other states are interested, and who would be representing those states?

10 pm for okc right?!?!?!?!

so is this still happening at the gamestop in okc?

Is this going to be on pad. Or can we play on sticks?

so the tournament in okc will be starting at 9pm as well?

All fighters should be on Saturday cuz I know not everyone will be able to make it friday cuz of work and stuff. 3rd strike and tekken 6 should also be on Saturday imo

makes sense. will there be a points system concerning sponsors for fighting games?

You guys should add 3s

So I just registered to that hxc website and will be attending this.. what are the benefits of registering to that website?

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