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Norman - Nuffleween Blood Bowl Tournament - 11/03/12
« on: October 08, 2012, 10:21:23 pm »
Nuffleween Blood Bowl Tournament, Norman, Nov 3rd
GOOGLE MAP LINK (based off address)
In Norman  on 11/03/12

Location: Wizard's Asylum
Address: 749 South Jenkins Avenue. Norman, OK 73069

Game List: Blood Bowl, 4 games

Event Description:
Tournament Schedule:
9:00 – Registration Starts
9:45 – Registration Ends
10:00 – Round 1 (Random)
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Round 2 (Swiss)
3:00 – Break
3:30 – Round 3 (Swiss)
5:30 – Break
6:00 – Round 4 (Swiss/Finals)
8:00 – Break
8:15 – Results/Awards

What you should bring:

Your Painted Blood Bowl Team
Three Copies of team roster (Click here for a Blank Roster template)
Blood Bowl Field/Dugouts/Templates
GW or NAF Block Dice & D8
Printed Copy of Competition Rules (CRP)/LRB6 can be found here-
Plus the three new teams list
NuffleWeen Tournament Special Rules and Team Building:

Special Weather Table (Top Table will roll for initial weather for all tables.)
There will be a Special Weather Table at the end of this page. It will be used instead of the Normal Blood Bowl Weather Table.

NuffleWeen Kick Off Table
There will be a Special NuffleWeen Kick-off Table at the end of this page. It will be used instead of the Normal Blood Bowl Kick-Off Table.

Team Building Rules
You are given 1,100,000 gold pieces to build your team using CRP team lists or the three additional Team Lists. You may purchase players, rerolls, apothecary, fan factor, coaches, and cheerleaders as normal. You may also purchase skills and stat increases (see Player Advancement next page).

Journeymen, Special Play cards, and Mercenaries are NOT ALLOWED. With that said, you may purchase any other inducements as part of your team built.

NOTE: A single WIZARD may be purchased for 100K but may ONLY use the Fireball Spell.

CRP Star Players
Note: If you are including a Star Player from the CRP Rule Book, you must still have 11 players on your team BEFORE being able to hire them. Having 10 plus a Star is not allowed.

NuffleWeen Special Star Players Rules
Note: You can purchase any of the Dead/Undead superstar’s listed in CRP Rules pack. The following players can be used on ANY team.

Count Luthor Von Drakenborg
Crazy Igor
Hack Enslash
Humerus Carpal
Icatha Benoin
J Earlice
Ramtut III
Wilhelm Chaney – Not really Dead or Undead, but Nuffle said he can play so we don’t argue!
Each of these players will have Fan Favorite skill for free. The Fan Favorite will not stack for this tournament.

You will NOT have to have 11 players in order to purchase a NuffleWeen star player. If you purchase one CRP Star Player and one NuffleWeen Star Player, you must have 11 regular team players first. Example: Having a Chaos Team with 10 players plus two of these Nuffleween Star Players is allowed. Any questions about this please email us at [email protected] pleas put NUFFLEWEEN in Title of all emails.

Highlander Rule for all Star Players
It will be Highlander rules, so if you and your opponent have the same Star Player, he will choose to take the money and sit out for that game.

Star Players follow the same rules that are in the CRP Rule Book. 0-2 Star Players may be purchased per team.

Player Advancements
You may also choose to spend some of your 1,100,000 gold pieces to purchase advancements for players of your choice. This is for regular positions only, not star players.

A normal skill upgrade costs 20,000
A Doubles skill upgrade costs 30,000
+1 Movement costs 30,000
+1 Armour Value costs 30,000

You MAY NOT purchase Strength or Agility upgrades
No player may have more than one Skill or Stat increase
No skill or stat increase may be taken more than twice
All Injuries will reset as this is a Resurrection Tournament

NAF Tournament Info:
This is a NAF approved US Major tournament. If you wish to receive limited edition colored Block Dice and have your tournament progress tracked, there will be an NAF Official onsite accepting registration for the cost of $10/year. More information can be found at

Illegal Procedure
In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedures will not be called

The two hour rounds WILL be strictly enforced. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

The 4 Minute turn rule will not be used unless the Tournament organizer feels your game is in danger of not completing in the two hour time limit. He may insist on a timer being used and enforcing the 4 minute turn rule.

You are required to share dice with your opponent. Only GW or NAF Block Dice may be used and only the NuffleWeen Tournament D6’s received at registration may be used. You and your opponent should decide whose set of dice will be used.

After each round you will fill out both the game sheet and the etiquette sheet based on the game just completed.

A WIN is worth 60pts
A DRAW is worth 30pts
A LOSS is worth 10pts
If you lost by 1 Touchdown, you earn +2 bonus pts
If you caused 1 more CAS from Blocking than opp you earn +2 bonus pts
If you caused 2 or more CAS from Blocking than opp you earn +5 bonus pts
If you clear the pitch you earn +5 bonus pts
If you won by 2 Touchdowns you earn +2 bonus pts
If you won by 3 or more Touchdowns you earn +5 bonus pts
Etiquette Sheet
After each game you will be required to filling out a simple YES or NO questionnaire based on your opponent’s Gameplay and Painting. There are 7 questions on Gameplay and 6 on Painting. These are various traits the best sportsmen in the game already do on a consistent basis. Now, it’s time to find out if you do them as well…

A Coach will receive a -1 penalty for “NO’s” given for the below questions

Turning models that have completed their action
Consistency with Cocked Dice rulings
Provided copy of roster to opponent
Moving players into each square when they move to miss a dodge
Using ONLY NAF/ GW Block Dice (everyone should get this one!)
Completing your turns in a Satisfactory pace
The MOST fun opponent to play out of all opponents (This question will be asked once at the end of the Tournament, and based on people you have played.)
Having your entire team painted to a three color minimum
Painting or Flocking or Texturing all of your model’s bases
Each position on your team easily identifiable to your opponent
Skill/stat upgrades on your team easily identifiable to your opponent
Each model on your team clearly numbered and matching your roster
Provided marker for any failed negative skills (if applicable)
The above was put into place to try and ensure the best possible tournament experience for ALL coaches involved.

There will be no overtime played. If your game ends in a draw, it’s draw.

Top Table
At the beginning of Round 4 the #1 and #2 ranked coaches will be playing for the title of NuffleWeen Tournament Champion and 2nd place. Regardless of any bonus points, the winner of this Top Table game is the NuffleWeen Tournament Champion. If the game ends in draw, then Total Tournament points will be used to decide the Champion.

The Scoring system has been setup to hopefully get the most accurate representation of how everyone has per-formed. If, by chance there is a tie in Tournament points, the ties will be broken in this order:
• Winning Percentage
• Head to Head record
• Net TDs plus Net CAS
• Total TDs plus Total CAS

If it is still a tie at that point, the tournament organizer will use his best judgment in finding a way to break the tie.

We are here for the fun of the game. Sportsmanship is not encouraged from the coaches it is required!

Fouling 16 turns in a row and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship, but gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.

Sportsmanship Awards will be determined based on answers given in the Etiquette Sheet.

Tournament Organizer will strictly enforce the “Don’t be a Douche” policy. Basically, it consists of not performing any acts of Douchebaggery.

All teams are expected to meet the minimum painted guidelines. They must have 3 colors on them and have had some attempt at making them appear finished.

The following awards will be given out after the last round:

NuffleWeen Champion – Winner of Top Table in Round 4
2nd Place – Loser of the Top table round 4
Del Zine Cup (3rd Place)- The Coach that finishes with the highest overall tournament points that wasn’t at the top table.
Best Offense Certificate – Team that scored the most TDs
Best Defense Certificate – Team that allowed the fewest TDs
Most Brutal Certificate – Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking
Best Appearance – Best looking team as decided by participants via Etiquette sheet. Tournament Organizer will break ties.
Best Sportsman – Best Sportsman as decided by participants via Etiquette sheet. Tournament Organizer will break ties.
Back of the Pack – Coach that finished with lowest number of Tournament points.
Spread The Wealth
A coach may only win one award. If they are in line to win more than one award, they will be asked which one they would prefer and the next coach in line will be given the other award. Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust the awards, i.e. Back of the Pack has to have played in all 4 rounds.

QUESTIONS? Email us at [email protected] for Answers!



2- Refs Love NuffleWeen Candy – The referee is easily distracted by NuffleWeen candy. Each team gains a bribe.

3- Traditional NuffleWeen Flash Mob – The fans partake in the tradition of having a Flash Mob in Nuffle’s honor. The turn marker will move forward one space unless it is either player’s Turn 8. If on Turn 8 then Turn markers move back one.

4- Too Much Candy – The receiving team is sluggish due to eating too much candy. The kicking team may reorganize their players into a legal defence.

5- Sugar Rush – One player on the receiving team is on a sugar high. Any one player on the receiving team not in an opposing player’s tackle zone may move under the ball if it is unoccupied.

6- The Nuffle Shuffle – It’s time for a cheer off! Each team’s cheerleaders attempt to distract the other team. Roll a D3 and add Cheerleaders and Fame. The coach with the lowest number loses a reroll. If it is a tie, both teams lose a reroll.

7- The NuffleWeen Forcast Has Changed – Change weather, reroll to get a result other than what you currently have. Ball scatters one extra no matter what weather change is rolled.

8- Trick or Trick – Each team’s Assistant Coaches attempt to prank the other team. Roll a D3 and add Assistant Coaches and Fame. The coach with the lowest number loses a reroll. If it is a tie, both teams lose a reroll.

9- A Gh-gh-gh-gh-GHOST! – The players on the receiving team distract the opposing team by telling them a Ghost is behind them. The receiving team may move their players one square. This may ignore tackle zones and can go into the opposing half.

10- All Dressed Up – The kicking team decides to dress up to confuse the other team. The kicking team receives a free ‘bonus’ turn: however, players that are in an enemy tackle zone at the beginning of this free turn may not perform an Action. The kicking team may use team re-rolls during this bonus turn. If any player suffers a turnover then the bonus turn ends immediately.

11- Throw a Pumpkin – An enraged fan hurls an explosive NuffleWeen pumpkin at one of the players. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME to the roll. Whichever team rolled lowest has the pumpkin thrown at their team. In the case of a tie a pumpkin is thrown at each team! Decide randomly which player in the other team was hit (only players on the pitch are eligible) and roll as if a Fireball hit that player.(See Wizard rules)

12- NuffleWeen Candy Fight – Both coaches roll a D6 for each opposing player on the pitch and add their FAME to the roll. If a roll is 6 or more after modification then the player is Stunned (players with the Ball & Chain skill are KO’d). A roll of 1 before adding FAME will always have no effect.

NUFFLEWEEN SPECIAL WEATHER TABLE(Top Table will roll for initial weather for all tables.)
1- Curse of Nuffle (Combine effects of 2 and 3)
2- Touch of Nuffle (Sweltering Heat)
3- Full Moon (Very Sunny)
4 – 5 Perfect NuffleWeen Night!
6- Mmmmm! Butterfingers (Pouring Rain)
7- Nuffle Hates You (Blizzard)
8- NuffleWeen Madness! (Combine effects of 6, 7)

Entry / Location / Tournament Costs:
Date: November 3rd
Place: Wizards Asylum
749 South Jenkins Avenue. Norman, OK 73069

$20 at the door
$15 If you Pre-register by October 21st 2012 at website.

Things we will provide:
Match Sheet
Custom Dice

Pre-Registration Bonus:
If you pre-register by October 21st will also get 2 additional NuffleWeen D6’s (the rarer alternative pair), plus $5 off.
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Re: Norman - Nuffleween Blood Bowl Tournament - 11/03/12
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2012, 03:07:38 pm »
Hey everyone!
Nuffleween's fast approaching. It's this coming Saturday and we're super excited...
If you're unable to play but just want to come out and see everyone have fun, we will probably have some extra dice available.
If you're unable to come out, we might have some extra dice for purchase afterwards to help fund future events.

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Re: Norman - Nuffleween Blood Bowl Tournament - 11/03/12
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2012, 12:20:05 am »
were is the reach tournaments...

Remember Reach
Free Agent