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Theory Gaming $1k Fight to the Finish
« on: July 16, 2012, 12:33:04 am »
Theory Gaming is throwing a tournament over Xbox Live. The winner receives a $1000 prize and the top three teams will be interviewed for a team sponsorship. More details below! Be sure to follow us on twitter @tG_Theory and check our website for more updates and future events.

Round 1(Bo3):  Lockdown CTF / Arkaden SnD /  Bootleg CTF
Round 2(Bo3):  Dome SnD / Arkaden CTF / Hardhat SnD
Round 3(Bo3):  Bootleg SnD / Dome CTF / Lockdown SnD
Semi’s(Bo5):  Arkaden CTF / Underground SnD / Lockdown CTF / Bootleg SnD / Dome CTF
Finals(Bo9): Dome SnD / Bootleg CTF / Arkaden SnD / Lockdown CTF / Underground SnD / Dome CTF / Lockdown SnD / Arkaden CTF / Bootleg SnD

Maps / Game Type

Arkaden - Capture the Flag
Arkaden - Search & Destroy
Bootleg - Capture the Flag
Bootleg - Search & Destroy
Dome - Capture the Flag
Dome - Search & Destroy
Hardhat - Search & Destroy
Lockdown - Capture the Flag
Lockdown - Search & Destroy
Underground - Search & Destroy


Spectating: Team Only                      Killcam: Enabled
Radar Always On: No                        Wave Spawn Delay: No
Force Respawn: Enabled                   Friendly Fire: Enabled
Max Health: Normal                          Health Regeneration: Normal
Perks and Proficiencies: Enabled        Hardcore Mode: Disabled
3rd Person: Disabled                        Headshots Only: Disabled
Killstreaks: Disabled                         Custom Classes: Enabled
Join-In-Progress: Not Allowed

The following settings are specific to each Game Mode, so please read them carefully before setting up the server.

Search and Destroy

Round Length: 2.5 Minutes         Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 7.5 Seconds             Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Score Limit: 4 Points                  Round Switch: Every Round

Capture the Flag

Round length: 5 minutes          Score Limit: Unlimited
Respawn delay: 7.5 seconds

Note: The winner is determined by the flag count. In the event of a tie, the Overtime tie-breaker will not be used, the map must be replayed until a winner is found.

Rules on NO SHOWs:  Teams will have 30 minutes from the start of the match time to play their match. If one team is not present 30 minutes after the match start time, the team that is present and ready to play will be advanced in the bracket.

Hosting: Lower Seed (closer to 1) will host the 1st map. Higher Seed (further from 1) will host the 2nd map. Teams will alternate hosting each map HOWEVER the higher seeded team (further from 1) will host deciding maps. ( Map 3 in a Bo3 and Map 5 in a Bo5)

Banned Weapons

All Launchers
All Shotgungs
Riot Shield
Machine Pistols

Banned Lethals

Bouncing Betty
Banned Tacticals
Trophy System
Tactical Insertion
Portable Radar

Banned Attachments

Heartbeat Sensor
Grenade Launcher
Rapid Fire

Banned Proficiencies

Attachments (Double Attachments are not Allowed)

Banned Perks

Blast Shield
Sit Rep is Banned

Note: All players Death Streak must be set to Hollow Points.

-Arming the bomb on top of any bomb site is a forfeiture of the map and removal from the event.

-Party chat is allowed for this tournament. You may be asked to change to game chat in the event your team is streamed.

-We highly recommend that all players appear offline. Users are not to dispute a match on purpose if the other team did not appear offline.

-Random players should not be allowed into the room prior to the match beginning.

-If a player lags out during a search and destroy game, the round in which the lag-out occurred should be played out and completed. After that round is finished, the game should be ended before the start of the next round (during intermission). It is the responsibility of the team whose player lagged out to end or leave the game after the round ends. The team that dropped the player is to be given five (5) minutes for the player to return or for a substitute to be made. The map will then resume at the point the map was ended. If the team who lost a player does not end/leave the game, and the map is completed, the scores will stand.
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