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raidenwins didn you go to that thing in tulsa a while back? who were you? i played ermac and pretty much exclusively. also ill be there.

tager has a hard time with hakumen, and unconventional just means he falls for tricks too easily hahah. oh well we will see some day.

what do you think tim? you think it would been us at top 2? honest opinion.

goodjob tim for taking 1st!!

too bad i didnt go it seemed like i was the only one that would give you trouble.


bang is supposedly hakumens worst matchup in CS but i think its ragna.

man i wish bbcs would already come out... all i can do is frown at the sound of calamity trigger. game is so borken. almost to the point where i wouldnt pick hakumans in that anymore. ill just play jin.

thinkin about makin it, just depends if i can get a ride. doubt ill stay to beat animefreak in bb tho :D take that tim.

Tournament Planning and Hype / Re: Capcom vs SNK 2 Tournament?
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:42:44 am »
lil late but id be down for a cvs2 tournament.....

someone bring continuum shift... :(

timmy timmy i hope you know i put the smack on animefreak in Blazblue lololol...... bring it IW2MA.

oh i remember you, well im THE gouken player :)

i hate zangief.... he might be the reason i bad match him on purpose with sagat...

chief huh... hahah he used to be a really good ino player in guilty gear, from kansas right? ♥♥♥♥♥ i wish i could of been there.

yeah my ride bummed out on me, oh welll.....

who won sf4 and bb?

prolly around 79 or so. i dunno, dont play online, but thats prolly the level id be at really.

honestly tho might not make it, my ride up there is bumming out on me so i might not be able to make it :(

v-13 is a bad matchup for hakumen, but its okay, i really dont think he has anything over me in BB, i consider myself better at BB than i am at sf4.. soo.. just FYI.....

you still sticking with honda?

who you play in blazblue?

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