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How many people do you expect to show up?

So I am thinking of showing up tomorrow. Any word on whether MK9 will be there?

One here for Mortal Kombat.

Fighting Gamers / Any Mortal Kombat 9 players in Norman/OKC?
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:19:32 am »
Looking for MK9 players for some casuals/local tourney in the Norman/OKC area. Anybody?

How about some Mortal Kombat?

Any chance for Mortal Kombat 9 at those monthlies?


Raiden - thanks for the info here and on the FB - we integrated what you added!



Tulsa - if we can hit more stores because we get more volunteers - we will; otherwise, what we KNOW we can do, is listed.

OKC - we've had several changes in leadership down there, so our volunteering is weaker; if you can help out - contact Timmy Skorcher for more!  And, if you would, please volunteer off the front page!!

Other Cities - you are important too, we just do not currently have anyone that's "stepped up" for your area.  It starts with becoming a supporter - you can volunteer off the front page!


No problem. i'll be there tonight (East Side Gamestop in Norman) around 10-ish.

I'll be at the East Side Gamestop in Norman at around 10 p.m. on Monday night. They'll have the game available for people to play.

627 12TH AVE NE, STE 110, Norman, OK
(405) 360-5725

Hey guys,

Well, I was obviously not there even though I said I would. The reason is that I was actually physically prevented from going, by the absurd traffic in Norman on Saturday. There was apparently a football game that day, which pretty much paralyzed OU campus, Highway 9, and Northbound I-35. I was actually on my way to OKC, with directions to Cactus Jack and my PS3 controller, but traffic was nightmarish, and there was sign saying traffic on I-35 was actually stopped. There was no way I could have made it there in under an hour so I just turned around, it was pointless to even try. Needless to say, I was furious but there was nothing I could do about it. Hopefully next time it won't be during a game day.

It's probably for the best since my Tekken 6 skills are below average right now anyway, having only played the game for 3 days. However, I ordered it off of Amazon (for $32!!!) last week so for the next Fight Club gathering I should be in better shape.

Fighting Gamers / Re: TEKKEN 6
« on: November 24, 2009, 03:50:50 pm »
I am, but there's not that many Tekken players in Tulsa.

I know that OKC has a really good group of guys who play that are all National Comp level.

Really?! Can you get me in touch with those guys? I played some Tekken 6 last week. I love Alisa.

Fighting Gamers / Re: PSP Gaming-FF Dissidia-MHU
« on: November 24, 2009, 03:49:04 pm »
I have Dissidia. It is pretty awesome. Once you learn Omnislash Version 5 with Cloud the game becomes too easy. There is an option to save your match and then, even cooler, you can convert the match to an AVI file, just like that, no need for capture card or any of that stuff. I live in Norman though.

There has been no interest in SCIV when I brought it last time.  I'll bring it again though.  I would play a few games.

Nice, then I will show up for sure.

I'll probably make an appearance. I rented Tekken 6 last week and played a little, but I am by no means good. I consider my self a noob at this point.

Why no Soul Calibur 4?

Good times, especially the random conversations post tournament.

AnimeFreak, I just lucked out that the power went off during our match.  Otherwise, who knows what would have happened?  Also, best ring tone ever.  I should have that one, since I have a "Link" name.

RaidenWins, thanks for the casuals before I left.  Like I said, I really wanted to play you since it didn't happen last time.

X_A, regardless of who you choose to run with, I still expect you to qualify for Nationals.  You'll look super accomplished having qualified for every national tournament held, haha.

Jesus, nice to see a Yoshi player.  He's surprisingly underplayed for how good a character he is.  We didn't get to play at all, but hopefully next time.

The pleasure was all mine. Too bad we can't play more often. You are the kind of player I need to play to get better.

ok, so operation Fliers Posting at OU was a success. I posted 32 fliers all over campus, hopefully that will bring some more people to the tourney.

Thanks alot! Its very much appreciated!!

Yeah, no problem. I tried to cover all the major student traffic points such as the Union, the Blender, and Dale Hall. Actually I've enlisted the help of a friend of mine who is supposed to post 4 more fliers at her apartment complex and the area nearby. I really want this event to be successful so we can have a vital SC community in the OKC area. Getting tired of all these long drives to Tulsa.  :-\

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